Revenge Bar

Oh wow this is annoying? Exactly what is the purpose of this??? Raids are annoying enough without the added bonus of losing to stupid arrows

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I bet they’re annoying if you are on the wrong end. But, what seems more annoying is that I am not really sure how they will kill my heroes.

Does the attack simply take 25% of the beginning hp from the hp at time of attack? Or is it 25% of hp at attack? And does defemse ameliorate the attack?

Wizards…please enlighten

They take 25% of you’re life so two hits and you’re all half dead plus whatever the defense does to you. That’s absurd twice I left one person cause arrows kill everyone. That’s just plain dumb…

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They are there to give people with 1-2 characters alive a chance, but yes they’re extremely annoying especially when almost all teams have atleast 3 healers

Earlier today i lost to a team 400 power bellow me, after getting killed by arrows, the other team had THREE healers charged up, healed the team fully, and I used my best team for 6 points

When you raid, the defense has an attack advantage. I can’t recall if it is 20 or 25%, but Revelate derived this some months back. There must be an advantage for the defense, because let’s face it the computer system is dumb and the attacker isn’t.

In Alliance Wars, the defense has to be more robust, because the attackers get a first, second, third chance etc. The revenge bar adjusts for that possibility. You can still kill a similar powered team with the revenge bar in place, but if you get a bad board it is bad news. The good news is that you get another shot.

Three healer teams are difficult to take out. That is why SG is making heroes like Perseus and Natalya, to neutralize healing. Remember, you can use the same technique in your defense team if you like!

Revenge bar mechanics are shown if you hold on the bar, as shown in the tutorial.

  • each hit removes 25% of the initial HP.
  • arrows bypass all defense buffs/debuffs
  • the revenge hits more often as defenders die

In character, you are assaulting a dug-in defensive team, and the archers on he city wall are helping their defenders.

Out of character, the bar helps balance the strategic advantage you have as attacker in choosing a team to match the defense.

You need to adjust strategy to hit hard and fast, bring healers, or both.

Each side has the same disadvantage: your defense is getting the same arrows defending them.


Just like football people enjoy offense more than defense. Give them the same 20% advantage attack as raids and remove that revenge crap. Remove it from me too when I get attacked. This isn’t fun it’s annoying. The point of the game should be for players to enjoy it not to continue to annoy the players.

I’m assuming Beta testing is done for a reason unless the feedback from Beta testing isn’t heard. Can’t imagine Beta Testers enjoyed this revenge aspect.

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You REALLY wouldn’t have like the Revenge Bar in beta: 34% per round. We whined, this is what the adjusted to.


Alliance Wars have a long way to go. It seems to me like it was rushed & not really ready.
And I agree with everyone the revenge bar is stupid.
Just set it up like Raids.

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The revenge bar is absolutely necessary to make it a strategic difference from simply being 30 people raiding each other. It forces a different team selection, different thought process, etc.

There’s now more value on having a larger bench of healers, where before once you had a couple the rest were fodder.

Remember, the strategic intent (from a game development point of view) was to give people a reason to level more heroes than they otherwise would, whether from waiting for ascension materials, set with a solid core of 8-9x lvl 80 heroes, etc. Many people asked for something other to do than build up a team of 8-10 core heroes to use for raids and titans. This gives that opportunity.


I can see the necessity for something like the revenge bar, but it’s still making the fast strikers the rulers of the roost in alliance wars too, leaving the slower heroes behind again, as is already the case in titans, raids, and events.
I’m not sure what the solution to that problem is though.


Revenge bar is fine.


You have to use 30 different heroes so you already have to level you’re bench for wars. Revenge bar doesn’t make you level more heroes it forces you to only go for fast mana ones cause you’re slow ppl die. This only further discourages the use of slow mana heroes.


If I were you, I’d look toward doing raids against 3 healer teams to find out what works best. Hopefully they get the Alliance practice grounds up and running soon.

The healers are already way so overpowered on this game, that’s the big problem here and ruin the raids and AW. I think slow mana and reduced HP for all healers is the way to have fun in this game. Is not normal to use healer as a tank, only in this game is possible.

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the defense bar should take out the 25% of the ACTUAL HP.

That way alone did not kill anyone

And it would also lose it’s purpose. Any team with one or two dead heroes would be super easy to finish.

Just requires a different strategy, places a premium on healers. I found it entirely reasonable, and I lost to the top team on the opponent (their leader) on a revenge bar hit with only one person at 1/2 health lost. Oh well, when they hit me back they took a whole 200hp off Ares and I know the revenge bar whacked them based on my team composition (draw out the battle to let the revenge bar do it’s work :))


The Devs need to know that Gryphonkit, my wife, just quick war.

I personally love the revenge bar, it is the first thing the Devs did to encourage leveling tanks for both raid offense and defense.

However, this takes normal raid strategy and shoves a sharp pointy object up its rear end.

The sudden change in play style will be almost impossible to overcome.

In my other MMO “BoH” they added a revenge bar ( onslaught mode ) and for TWO years no one used it. When they added Season 3. ( the Lair of the Spider Queen raid ) they released 20% of Season 3 first, and ALL the bosses had a revenge bar ( onslaught ) forcing players to adapt or skip Season 3. Now on Season 5, a lot of the players only do revenge bar bosses ( onslaught ) because their 7* hero teams are optimized for revenge bar bosses, not regular bosses.

I use slow heroes just fine. What it means is you need to level more healers. You also need to be strategic about slows - i.e. bring them vs a full team and paired with another fast or ave in same color. And have a healer or two.

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