Revenge bar in war one shot team

In this war some of my alliance members and i experienced a problem with the revenge bar, it took out our heroes in one shot. For me it were nearly maxed 4* heroes and fairly healthy and after the first time the revenge bar fired, they were dead. I already wasn’t fond of the revenge bar, but this is really frustrating.

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Revenge bar tales 25% of max health, thus your heroes must have been at 25% health or lower

@anne knows that, she is in beta also (and in my alliance). It seems to be a bug, we had 4 or 5 people report that on 1 of their attacks the revengebar did way more damage than that 25 % it does normally. They had heroes that were almost full health when the revengebar one shot them.
I haven’t noticed anything strange, but I am on ios and I think the ones that experienced this are on android.
We still won the war, it was only on a few flags, but seems like a major bug.

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