Revenge attacked twice after initial beat

Someone I beat in a raid revenge attacked and beat me. A few minutes later he revenge attacked again and won again. Then he revenge attacked a third time and lost. How is this possible? After a successful revenge attack it should not be possible to attack again.

You’ve been playing a long time based on your cups, maybe you’re having a temporary lapse? You won the first two times he attacked, he finally won the last time he attacked.


To follow up, the cup gain/loss is the change in YOUR cup totals, not his.

Never mind. I’m stupid. I read it backwards. I thought he beat me twice and then lost but it was the other way around.

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Easy to do. Green is good for you, bad for them. Congrats on your D holding them back twice!


I’m having problems where I get attacked, then I revenge and win then they get to revenge me, I can post screenshot if needed

Need to see more history. Your win against the other team was listed as a regular raid, not a revenge, so of course they are able to revenge you.

Look at the name, same person, plus it states the previous 2 attacks were counted as revenge then win counted as raid then he got to revenge, my win was 3rd attempt at revenge but system counted it as my raid

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