Revenge attack

During World War, on the battlefield. Why is there a Revenge attack and does anyone know how much damage it does? It seemed to do quite a bit of damage and it doesn’t seem fair that anyone should have some sort of Revenge attack, I really don’t understand why there would be. I’ve lost several battles because of it and it does not seem right

The arrows cause a certain percentage of damage, sorry I can’t recall exactly what, and they are more frequent depending on how many heroes are left.

Before complaining that it’s unfair, remember that it affects both sides. The guys attacking you have exactly the same problem.

It also helps differentiation between war and raids.

Factor it into your plan, maybe attack a team slightly lower than you would in a raid.

And consider adding a healer if you don’t already.

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It’s 25% of maximum health. It keeps the matches short.

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Thank you very much for the information. I still don’t think it should be there though because we are both meeting on the battlefield and no one should have an advantage just like when you do a raid it doesn’t give someone an advantage

I believe the mechanic is in place for two primary reasons:

  1. to make alliance wars different from raids. I mean. Really. Does anyone want just more vanilla raids?

  2. to balance the attacking and defense sides… in raids you can “ghost” to fill your mana at your leisure… beating much stronger teams. The war arrows balance against this.

Now about the arrows:
They take 25% health on each hero they hit.

And they fire every 1+X turns. Where X = number of enemy heroes remaining.

(So if they’re down to 2 heroes, they get revenge arrows every 3 turns.)


How do defence buffs like from vivica or kiril affect the % of damage or do they? I know Delilah. Helps because of the “shield”

It’s a flat 25% of HP. Defense and buffs do not affect it. Delilah is broken in wars and if the devs ever figure they’ll probably make the revenge ignore minions.


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