Revenge Attack arrows are awful

Does anybody else think the Revenge Attack arrows in the Alliance Wars need to go away?


They are brutal. My attackers had about a 700 point power advantage. The arrows did more damage than the defenders.


Yep, I have had similar experiences.


I’m going to sound like an absolute nutter here but I like them. They were instantly my new nemesis, I was a little annoyed when they dialed them back.


ditto. plus all the stuff Revelate has said about having to work together in like 46 other threads…


Have your say in the poll about this (for, or against) and post ideas for improvements, tweaks or alternatives there.

(@Dante2377 Agree with @Revelate’s principles for making the team work together… but Revenge bar isn’t the only (or in my opinion necessarily the best) way to do this. (It certainly is probably the easiest from SG’s perspective though). It’s just about getting defence sufficiently powerful to require team work in attack. Won’t re-hash the arguments here though… there is coverage of such points in the poll thread above).

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I despise the revenge bar just means you have to pray harder for good boards or attack easier targets.


Or build your team accordingly and play wisely. Healers are premium, for example Delilah is a beast in AW.

Edit. Also it’s supposed to be a whole alliance working together, first someone attacks and kills the tanks and maybe one or two others. Then someone can clean up easily by ghosting tiles. (And no, ghosting does speed up the revenge bar)

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Bonjour, pas disparaître mais peut-être pour les 3 dernières vies qu’elles soient moins puissante car nous avons des équipes moins forte…


Twenty characters.

I actually like the revenge arrows :smiling_imp:


My God, yes. I opined on this in a post the other day. They are NOT a balancing mechanism as the devs had hoped. I feel that they give the defense a brutal advantage.


I like them too. It adds an extra challenge to it.

Only thing I don’t like is what happened few wars back:

  1. my last hero got killed by revenge bar
  2. Boldtusk from defending team cast a heal (rolling back a lot of damage I have done)
  3. fight was over

This really sux. When you get killed by revenge bar, the fight should be instantly over, no more heals or whatever. But it’s possible bug.


While I hate the revenge arrows when they hit me, if the war PvP was as easy as raids, we would all run out of targets without this mechanism. It affects both sides exactly equally so I’m not sure i understand the critique that they are unfair in some way.

Never said they were unfair, I’m fine removing them from both sides don’t give me the advantage either. And you don’t run out of targets because once you kill the opposing team they respawn. If you kill the entire team they respawn immediately


Sorry Pops, didn’t mean to imply anyone in particular had said they were unfair. I’ve heard that critique in other places and probably should have mentioned that in my post.

And you are right that the respawn feature would mitigate the running out of targets issue.

I do think the arrows offer a new challenge that requires thinking about minimizing turns/kill which will mean we all need to learn how to do that.

I also have noticed with our alliance that there is a fun dynamic between people who damage a titan and weaker members that clean up what’s left. This has only emerged because it’s so hard to completely kill a team.

On balance I’m enjoying the challenge. But I certainly recognize that others do not - including in my alliance.

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Ok, so you just want normal raids with added possibility to finish crippled opponent. That sounds ultra boring to me.

I hate raids. Is that enough to complain whole day on forums? Is there even a game that everyone loves including all aspects? I doubt. Revenge bar is simple and clever mechanic. I haven’t seen a single original proposal for replacement.

Yeah cause losing to revenge bar over and over again isn’t boring. Can’t challenge tough teams because arrows destroy you. I get that you need a new mechanic to have change but either lower the damage dealth so it does 25% of you’re current hp and not you’re starting hp or have it reduce mana instead or maybe one revenge arrow per attack. Right now it’s ridiculous and I hate having to go for weaker teams just to win.


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