Reveal tier score breakdown for event and raid rewards

I would really appreciate if the scores for the reward tiers were revealed during and at the end of an event or raid.

For raids, what score is/was needed for Top 1%, Top 5%, and so on.

For events what score is/was needed for each reward tier. Currently you provide the ranking but not what score is needed to get to the next ranking.

I think this information would be very informative and increase competition. It would push players to compete harder if their was a clear goal (score) to seek after

Since that score is a moving target, what about including the person at the bottom edge of each tier on the leaderboards? Like the last person in the 1%, 5% etc. category shows up at the bottom of the top 100 leaderboard?


That works too, any information on where you stand and how far you need to go for the next tier is helpful

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Voted! Good luck - this is a great idea! :slight_smile:

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