Reveal the war variable before matching starts- skip Field Aid or adjust flanks and corners

I am not not alone in being a player that completely hates field aid wars. It would be fair (and smart) of SG to reveal what war variable will be present before matching so that anyone that can’t stand field aid can just opt out of those wars. It’s like I’m being forced to participate in this one small part that I really hate so I can continue to play.

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Your logic here seems to be War Chest has the best loot in the entire game, let me cut off my nose and ears to spite my face.

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However, this is actually a good idea. We already can see requirements for titans, map, raid, teased “weekly group raid” challenge events, etc.

While players who misunderstand war rules would make poor defense team choices, many starting players are locked into limited choices already.

Players with a deep bench could adjust their flanks and corners based on this info similar to Mercs rejoining there alliance.

Unfortunately these are the exact reasons Devs May choose to stay with current model.

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Field Aid is flawed.

At the end of wars, Field Aid is so strong that the skirmishes become stalemates, or even wind up strengthening the enemy.

Therefore, I suggest that Field Aid be modified.

As war progresses and flags get used and heroes get eliminated, the field aid to the enemy should diminish. This should be a fair reduction, not a “standard deduction”.

The concept should be that field aid is a direct help to the enemy in proportion to the battle fatigue of the attacker.

At the beginning of each skirmish, the field aid for that skirmish should be assigned by the following formula:

[Remaining attacker heroes] / [Total attacker heroes] x [Baseline Field Aid] = [Battle Fatigue Field Aid].


Or to keep it even more life-like, perhaps THIS formula:

[Current five attacking heroes] / [Top five attacker’s heroes, dead or alive] * [Field Aid Factor] = [Field Aid for the current skirmish]

That way, if a player uses weak heroes first, saving his strongest for the last, his enemy would be receiving STRONGER Field Aid instead of weaker to combat his strong end-game.


Field aid to me is the only one that requires some strategy, and for our alliance, allows us to organize and take out alliances stronger (sometimes much stronger) than ours that may be lazy. So, I kind of like it.

That said - your suggestion is a good one and should be easy to offer.

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Can you give your alliance strategy to:

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My crew is of varying levels, but mostly lower end and with weaker teams. With overall changes to hero dynamics, the field aid is crushing us.

Even I’ve noticed serious changes in my hero’s capabilities, and the aid is definitely culprit. I now have members refusing to participate in war with field aid. Problem is, we don’t know the type of aid until after matchmaking.

I’d also love if we could see it prior to matchmaking so members may opt out.

Personally, I love war. But it’s optional for my alliance. I’d like to keep it fun for those who want to participate in, and gain experience from it.


The war variable runs on a set cycle so you can easily track when field aid will be up. 2 wars with Aid, 2 wars with attack boost, 2 wars with arrows… repeat.


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Field Aid is always after arrows as @Kamikaze_Assassin states. Now that we’ve got Alliance banners, perhaps someone can keep track of the second attack arrow war, and put out an all call to those who do not want to participate in the next two wars.

Field aid is a challenge, but it is a beatable one. Team strategy becomes more important than in the other styles of war. We create teams for those who are better at tank breaking and those for clean up. We are a mid-level alliance so we still tend to peter out around the 5th and 6th flag.

I hope you continue to find it enjoyable. Once your alliance has closer to 30 maxed heroes it does get a little easier to manipulate. Try and stress working on a healer per flag. That saves my buns more often than not, as do fast snipers. I try and avoid creating an AoE team (1 is the max I put in a group).


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Could you discuss this more? What has changed that makes FA more painful? The v20 adjustments almost universally increased attack damage, which should make FA less painful. Is it emblems on defense?


Hi Kerridoc. Perhaps it was just me… I had noticed the changes when suddenly all of my best hero’s were underperforming. My hits were poor, my defenses worse. There’s so much about this game I still need to learn…

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Completely agree. This is ridiculous. I used my last three attacks on the same team. Pretty close heroes, both rainbow with team ranks both around 2200. I wiped out three heroes in the first minute and had all of mine left with nearly full health. I then lost the rest of that team plus the other two teams just trying to kill kashrek and graywolf. After kashreks heals and field aid i hadn’t even scratched either of them. Had to flee after last field aid. It just really kills the fun. Let the alliances be matched and leave it to the players to hash it out. How do you build a team not knowing what is gonna happen with field aid. HOW about the option to opt out of wars with field aid? It may take longer to get matched up with another alliance that has opted out. But at least it would make it more enjoyable.

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You brought a rainbow team to field aid? That’s your problem. You need to stack colors or at least kill the healers first.


I understand that now, however these attacks were my last three and i dont have a lot of depth yet, so i just brought what i had.

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As you progress through the game, you won’t perceive field aid as a threat anymore… neither will you care about arrows or attack boost… you may see them as minor annoyances, like mosquitoes or rainy days, but not as threats. You just need to harden yourselves. You’ll still lose a battle here and there because of them, but only in battles where the outcome is really close will they turn the tides against you.

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yeah i relied on azars, ganjus and valens quite a bit for cleaning that last remaining heroes for the longest time. But of course for cleaning, i do intense stacking if my heroes are weak

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