Revamp war

War has been bs lately. Utter bs. And latest war was the crown jewel of this bs. 3000 points difference at the 12h mark. One-sided boards. Top 20 war scores registered with one alliance only. And this can’t be attributed to poor matchmaking as both alliances ranked closely at the time. No dominant color of any first attempt for any of the 30 alliances members. Other side following up with dozen of OS at once. This is bs. This clearly looked like victory has been assigned to one side even before it started. Spare me the usual senseless explanations about randomness and all the other bs. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Ridiculous. Just revamp war !!!


I agree it needs an overhaul. Getting bored of the cycle.

Sounds like you want to revamp it by removing the RNG?

So did your alliance win?

Wouldn’t actual RNG generate win streaks longer than seven?

Lost by over 3000 points. All experienced very solid players. Ridiculous. All the same defenses on the other side. I remember when GTV defenses were criticized for being too powerful and difficult to beat. Nowadays the fact is Xia is too OP. Her debutff all wasn’t necessary and is an overkill. Combined with Sha, C Hathor and Chang’e it makes the combination an especially tough defense to beat. Now add to that Field Aid + RNG which generates weaker color on all first attempts and you get the recipe for a disastrous player experience and a one-sided preset victory.

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I was with you until…

I think these things happen sometimes. I have experienced this but I have also been on the other side where everything goes right, I get amazing boards, if the enemy fires they target the worst hero (For them) and I get 6 One shot kills. Every time I have a war where the boards are fully against me and I can barely score 100 pts I just recall the good times and remember what grandma used to say. Sometimes you gotta take the rough with the smooth though the rough is what you’ll remember longest while the smooth is quickly forgotten…
She wasn’t exactly a hallmark type.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :desert_island:

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I think they should buff the new overpowered heroes more
The developpers are very poor and need more ferraris

I respect that. Sure sharing that one experience in that war. Not drawing generic conclusions.

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Interested to see how many wars people have managed to win in a row before matchmaking, unused flags from team-mates daring to have lives outside E&P, the law of averages, or the RNG fairies have broken their streak.

  • 4 or fewer
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9+
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Wise grandma indeed ! :grin::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:. I will try and live by that. Thanks for understanding.

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We had one run of wars where very few flags were left unused. We managed five in a row that run. The we lost about five in a row (our flag use reverted to type). Typically it’s more like 2-3 each way.

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