Revamp / Update the "QUESTS" - New Uncommon and Rare Quest Ideas

Experienced players got bored with those daily quests.

Provide two modes, Hard and Normal. Player can choose depending on his team and you should enable to players experience level 50.

Provide little more valuable rewards in Hard mode.

Else keep on auto play. I stopped playing in province and quests, just auto play…

It doesn’t really matter what these Quests are called. The main point is that experienced players need and want harder + more rewarding quests. Whether a new “Harvest Food”, “Find Gems” or “Find Crafting Materials” is titled “Harvest Food II / III / IV” or “Legendary Food Quest” is irrelevant as long as it fits the needs of an experienced / advanced player.

A lot of the quests can be autoplayed after a few months of active playing and, also, give rewards that are either completely irrelevant for long-term players or have a rather tiny impact. In other words, they have a beginner difficulty level and beginner rewards.

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