Revamp / Update the "QUESTS" - New Uncommon and Rare Quest Ideas

Not to be a negative Nancy, but you are asking the same developers that feel these missions give good enough 1 time only rewards, to put out more content that is actually rewarding.

The rewards for fully beating season 2 (and hopefully season 3) are amazing, but some of these take forever and a day to finish, yet they give gem rewards that seem to be missing a :zero: in the amount. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I’m still trying to understand why over half of the quests are completely worthless to just about everyone. Today, for example, I had quests for common crafting materials (of which I have thousands), or recruits. But I can get more recruits by just doing certain map levels. So, what’s the point of quests that don’t really do anything?

I suggest having at least the recruits quest give you more recruits than you could get from any map stage. Is that too much to ask?

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I don’t remember the last time I completed a mission. Once you progress past a certain point in the game, completing a mission may happen once every 6 months at best, I don’t even check it anymore. With all of these PoV challenges I feel like SG May have some good ideas of potential missions, like greeting villagers, hunting ducks, or even hunting so many dragons. It could make the game more fun for long term players and increase activity for more experienced players

Why on this earth is it the same. yet again no raid flasks or big mana pots have these been nerfed simaler to find recruits 2 troop tokens maybe 1 in 5 if were lucky

Don’t know if this has been covered, but I would want advance quests for food, iron and scavenger quests

Maybe for a beginner it’s decent amount of food, but for an seasoned player the amount of food and iron given for these quests are so insignificant. Maybe the quests can give food/iron crates as completion rewards. Advance scavenger quests give more variety of stuff, even a small chance to get EHTs?

I have one idea for quests. Reduce production time. This quest allows you to subtract some time from upgrading buildings, alchemy labs and training camps. Only applies to the castle. Doesn’t apply to recharging of flags or VIP

Common quest
Very Easy- reduce 10 mins
Easy- reduce 15 mins
Medium- reduce 20 mins

Uncommon quest
Easy- reduce 20 mins
Challenging- reduce 30 mins
Hard- reduce 40 mins

Boss in charge of the quest- white rabbit. You know because he holds a watch and watch equals time. Plus, it’s fun to expand on the lore

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Totally agree! Quests like this should be replaced for higher levels … I am as well assuming not to do experience quests anymore,coz I am lvl35 and not even 3,5k power…in a same time I see like 3,9k power for others same level people :crazy_face:


I have been playing from last 3 years. I fed up with the quests game play. Very regular. Those were designed at the time of season 1.

Now season 2 and season 3 are there.

Why there was no update in quests with Atlantis coins and Valhalla coins and hunters lodge battle items.

Still only season 1 items only recruits and basics materials. From last two years and never played , I just keep auto play for those quests.

Better give very advanced quests, which player 90% players can’t reach it. These are for only very experienced players.

Else just I keep my phone or tab aside and keep auto play.

I will start of by saying not every players should be able to finish every quest. The longer you play the easier it becomes to finish every quest. Ok they add events like TOL and Ninja but why not just add some difficulty levels with juicy loot to get everybody going.
An example will be a 4th tier to the emblems (make it 5000 suggested TP to complete or more) that gives say 15 emblems and a reset tokens of each.
With HA we need some rope right, why not give me 50 ropes on a 4th tier of common mats quest?
It’s time the daily and weekly quests gets a revamp.
We will leave rare quests and events for another time.

The value is very limited. 3 minor health post (1500 food plus minor mats), 3 minor mana pots (2000 food, etc) and 3 arrows (about 6k iron)… for 20 WE (4/6/10). Nowhere near worth it.

Please either change the WE cost to 3/4/6, commensurate with the gather food/iron quests, or pump up the rewards, in either number of items or quality of them.

These types of quests have always been a bit of a ripoff IMO. I’ve always just ignored them myself. Much better off just farming normal provinces.


Although I do like the mini mana pots… When I have spare flags. Large bones & leather strips seem harder for me to find.

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I like the mini pots, less likely that excess healing or mana will go to waste. Arrows are useful, too – less damage than axes or bombs, but the blindness can really come in handy. There’s really just not enough of them to make the find items quest line worthwhile. Consider that the gather food quest line, for 13 WE, gives 26K food, and the gather iron line gives ~50K iron. Half the WE of the gather battle items for a lot better reward.

I personally prefer quests to regular farming. Setting aside the nice change of scenery, the gather resources quests have a pretty good monster-to-WE ratio when you’re filling a monster chest, and surprisingly good exp-to-WE levels as well.

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I use over 500 mini-mana a month so for not a lot of WE the 2nd one is a must. 3 doesn’t sound a lot but every little helps.

Is there a possibility of a Quest for Rare/Epic/Legendary recruits?

Do you really mean recruits, or do you mean heroes?

Are you asking why is there a Recruits 2 that sometimes gives an Epic Troop Token, but no quest for a Epic Hero Token?

It isn’t clear what you’re after, and there has to never been a quest to provide an EHT

My apologies…
I am asking if there is a chance for a more challenging Quest to occur more recruits than what the common and uncommon provide… Actually, maybe the same for food, iron and gems too…?

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