Revamp / Update the "QUESTS" - New Uncommon and Rare Quest Ideas

They can make certain special offers pop up for specific players.

They can make it so I only raid Diamond players in raids.

Why can’t they make the little quests that pop up be tied to my level or my cups or my team power (that they measure for war matchmaking)?

Doing a quest for 3k food is fine for a level 10 player. But for a level 55 it’s a wasted element.

Yea, my idea is to change resource quests so that they give not a fixed amount, but a percentage of your storage. Or production. Or whatever. So, you get small when you are low level and bigger as you progress.
Same for recruits, it should be more than 3 per WE at common and more than 7.5 per WE at uncommon. Common also can have a trainer as a reward (like token for uncommon now).

I’d like to see the quests have multiple levels of difficulty, say Easy, Moderate, Hard, Very Hard, and Insane. The harder the difficulty, the higher the WE cost and the higher the rewards. Same number of stages for each difficulty level, and rewards clearly displayed for each level

When a quest pops up , the player would select what level (only 1) they wanted to play. That choice would then be locked, but the player could keep trying until they finished it, like we have now.

So a newer player could choose easy or moderate and be able to complete them, or choose a harder level, and perhaps not complete it, but get better rewards if they did. An end game player could choose to try Insane difficulty for the best rewards, or could choose an easier level, but could still only choose and complete one difficulty level for that particular quest.

I don’t think any of the routine quests should include nonfarmable mats or emblems in the rewards, since those have their own quests.

High end farmables or craftables, or larger numbers of lower end farmables. I’d gladly do a quest that offered me 30 backpacks, 15 tornado nuggets and a couple of super mana potions

I made a post like this on the subreddit, but knowing that not everything there is necessarily mentioned or shared here, I thought it would be appropriate for me to express something like this here.

Having been playing this game for about a whole year and a couple of months now. Been enjoying everything about it, a great method of passing the time, especially with the current situation preventing some of us from doing anything outside the home. Among many of the things in-game that I’ve enjoy are the rotating quests that help in both burning world energy and continue to make some progress during my early days where I had little to work with before I started gathering rare/3* and epic/4* heroes to move forward.

While I look forward to many of the new content that’s to be added into the game in future updates and be worked out in beta, something that I feel could subtly improve the game in the meantime would be buffing many of the rotating regular quests that are, understandably, being skipped more often than not by long-time players or players who’ve seen and done most of what the game currently offers. I’ve somewhat came up with a few suggestions in how the quests could be improved:

  • Find Food and Mine Iron quests could utilize the crates that have been introduced in Path of Valor. The reward amount can easily be multiple 10K crates to 100K crates.
  • Scavanging Resources could have a Tier 2 version of the quest in which the third stage is similar to Find Recruits II, in which there’s a rare chance of gifting an Epic Hero Token. (this suggestion is majorly a response to many of the newer heroes being so far ahead of Season 1 heroes that EHTs feel obsolete, despite their rarity.)
  • Find Crafting Items and Find Battle Items don’t net enough of the necessary items that players will often want and need. For example, every stage of Battle Items I are easily craftable in Forge 3 (assuming you’re able to gather a lot of leather strips for minor mana). The same for Battle Items II (assuming you’re able to gather a lot of midnight roots for bomb attacks or hardwood lumbar for axes). For Crafting Items, the quest should primarily focus on the few materials that are often much harder to gather easily from map stages (like leather strips, hardwood lumbar, midnight roots, crypt mushrooms, etc.) instead of common herbs, oil, or firestone. Subjective, of course, but these are often the mats I end up missing whenever it came time to craft necessary items for major progress.
  • People may not find much issue with the Find Gems quests. Another subjective idea, but I feel like the total amount, after finishing all three stages, could be increase a little bit. For Find Gems I, the total amount could be 15 to 20 gems instead of the current 10. For Gems II, the total could be 25 to 30.
  • I’m not sure how to improve the Gain Experience quest, since, like every other quest, the amount at the end of the stage is static. With that being said, the amount of XP gained would be very minimal for players at, say, Level 30, compared to players starting out and already fast-tracking into Level 7. It would probably be hard to emulate a percentage like they could with hero’s damage output, healing, and buff/debuff based on base stats.

If anyone has any ideas of their own or thoughts on whether or not what I suggest is “good” or “bad” for the game, I’d be willing to discuss it.


Do I just think SG is past time to update daily tasks?
no one loses more time and world energy to gain items so basic that you can get them in normal stages of the first season with less world energy and more spoils, except for only the RARE tasks (which should be increased in frequency) and that of unusual recruits when epic troop file comes.
I don’t particularly waste time doing tasks to earn arrows, small mana and other insignificant items.

are you talking about the recurring quests?

I was just thinking the same today, new quests would be nice.

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I just did the first level of the common items one because I had excess flags. Never would have otherwise

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that’s right, the game becomes very unattractive when it has no significant events

It’s the reverse problem of having the recruits quest with a token same time as a rare quest same time as Atlantis etc.
It just needs better scheduling

Common quests are more of a joke. Since the word quest implies some challenge, they should add stages, maybe 7 to 10 each quest becoming harder and harder and better loot.


Common (tier I) and uncommon (tier II) are a joke for everyone who has at least a few maxed 4* or 5* heroes. Even a team of five maxed 3* heroes can usually do uncommon quests fairly easily.
Moreover, the loot of quite some of the common/uncommon quests is irrelevant for non-beginners.

Therefore, it’s high time that higher tiers are introduced to make those quests (food/iron/crafting mats/…) both relevant but also challenging again.

Possible solution:

  • At some point (1000 cups, S1 completed, highest possible TP 3k+,…) players are considered intermediates and get tier II and III quests instead of I and II.

  • At a later point, when players are advanced (could be 2k+ cups, S3 unlocked, TP 4k+, or any other threshold crossed) they get only tier III and IV quests (instead of II/III for intermediates and I/II for beginners)

  • Tier III quests are difficulty-wise similar to the last three levels of our current rare ascension mat quests, maybe slightly harder. Tier IV quests are really hard, meaning the last level of it will be similar to the last level of seasonal events or monthly events. The aim is to make them challenging again.

  • The rewards of tier III and IV quests are so that they really help intermediate respectively advanced players and make all quests worth doing again. No need to go into detail what it means for every single type of quest.


Common quests are totally useless after level 6 or less, they shouldn’t even exist, and the rewards for all missions should be tenfold, for example:
Find creation materials first mission: reward 2oil 2weeds … it’s ridiculous, at least 20x both, and so for all the rewards of the common, uncommon and rare quests.
There are more objects in the map levels than in the quests.
Developers should change all rewards, and the same thing for iron and food quest, 10x all reward!
If a lot of players are agree, developers will surely have to listen to us.
Tell me what you think, thanks


My suggestion and request - make hard version to the uncommon (and even common quests)

Make it hard, and maybe restrict per level: some can be only for level 40+, some can be for levels 50+. There are tons of those.
Last tier(s) of the quest can be a real challenge (no quest today is a real challenge, even those marked as 4500 TP are confidently done with 3500 TP if you are willing to use battle items) some players will enjoy and others can skip since the reward is only “nice” (but not useless). Good nice.

I would LOVE quest allowing using each hero once. Thats sound exciting!

Make the quest with many tiers. 5, even 9. 9 tiers for a daily quest is fine. If you really like it - spend the time or even burn a WE flask. Again - none of these quests reward should be something players consider as a “must have”

my 2 cents

Not a new idea…

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Merged thanks. :slight_smile:

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Эти обновление не скоро?

Are these updates coming soon?

The Find Battle Items quest is a joke… 3 minor healing potions for 4 world energy? 3 minor mana for 6 and 10!!! Energy for 3 arrows? And you get NOTHING else? Come on… get rid of this or do something to make it better

A lot of their quests need updating now or need to be modified based on player level.

The food one for example, you can earn 25k of food over the 3 levels - I pull way more than that from 1 of my farms every day.

is it just me or would anyone else like to see harder and better rewarded daily quests for experienced player?

no matter if it is find diamonds, ham, iron or exp, mostly it’s just daily routine running in auto-mode when you get “bigger” …

and the reward gets that low, it does no longer let’s say fit to your heroes, your base and your needings.

for example currently running “get-ham-quest”: what to do with 4800 + 6000 + 15000 = 25800 ham-units when you’re feeding a 4*-hero and it takes 442,000 ham to level this 4*-hero from 60/3 to 1/4 ??? not to think about 5*-heroes and these numbers …

or what to do with such this level of iron-income when it needs more then 1,000,000 to level up a building ???

perhaps it could be possible to link up the degree of difficulty AND the reward of daily quests to the payers level to make these parameters more suitable?

discussion is opened!

cu goofy

Then you fall into the “rich get richer” and “poor stay poorer” scenario and the gap widens between lower level players and higher level ones. It would be nice to get more resources off farming, but it just won’t happen.

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