Revamp Item Rarity

I think it would be really helpful to revamp the item rarity system to be clearer, especially for new players. For example, Tall Boots and Fine Gloves are the same level of rarity, but are used for different ascension levels and only one is farmable on normal levels. Dragon Bones and Royal Tabards are both 4 star items, but with entirely different uses, and again only one is farmable.

I suggest a new system where loot is broken up into 1 to 5 star rankings, to separate the rare drops from the farmable drops for ascension items, where the 4 star ascension items would be Fine Gloves, Compasses, Hidden Blades, ect., and the 5 star ascension items would be the current 4 star ascension items.

The ascension items, battle items, and crafting items should probably be color coded to differentiate them from each other. Red text on the names for battle items, green text for crafting items, and yellow text for ascension items, for example.

While the loot tables would obviously have to be recoded for this, I don’t think that it necessitates changing the drop rates of any items. This is entirely to make the game more accessible to new players, and make the use of each item more obvious to everyone. It would make seeing what type of items you’re getting at a glance far more easy, especially for players who haven’t memorized the use of each item, or who haven’t leveled their base enough to make use of certain items yet.