Revamp Hero Speeds

Okay I understand the speeds of the heroes are like so:
Very Fast = 7
Fast = 8
Average = 10
Slow = 12
Very Slow = 14

Time to change it to Speed: " # " numbers of tiles to fill for special skill so instead of words change it to numbers to make it easy and understandable. With this change you can easily change or show the hero/tile speed and can also show the change to the player with added Mana Troop percentage change.

There would be no reason they couldn’t have both like Speed: Very fast (7)

Not a bad Idea, but the Devs really are not that fond of revealing too much about game mechanics at any given time. Yeah, I know. It’s an obvious thing, but still. It doesn’t hurt to ask though.

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I made a mistake? Are the speeds correct. Very fast is 7?

Very fast is 6.5, so basically 7 yeah.
I like the idea of displaying the numbers though

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Very fast only becomes 6 tiles with a lvl11 4* mana troop.

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