Rev 1.13 POINT ONE has dropped

Yesterday I felt foolish after asking why I could not find update to 1.13 only to be told it was not out yet. This was when “News and Updates” forum said it was being rolled out. Now, a new update is out without any mention. Really.

There was a message in your E&P inbox from over 2hrs ago announcing the update.
Is this your first update with E&P? They usually always go like this. They can’t control when your ‘store’ makes the update available to you.
Sometimes I get it early, sometimes I’m a day later… Depends on PlayStore’s release/update schedule.
Have fun!

Correct, the developers will make the announcement first to make users aware an update is coming, but since the game is available worldwide via download for both Apple and Android. Updates will be made available to the users in a cascading fashion to prevent massive server overload for everyone trying to download the game/update at the same time.

Usually, by the time the in-game announcement came in, you can usually find your game either already updated (if you have auto-update on, or did so manually), or it may be sitting in your app store / play store queue ready to go.

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I finally updated the game but I can’t find the avatars or backgrounds to purchase in the store. Does anyone knows where to find it or will it be available at later time?

In game, tap on your avatar and you should see the tabs for avatars, backgrounds, and pins.

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I did checked that area but its empty when typing from my avatar then background or pin. By the way what is pin for?

In beta the avatar store was in the store itself

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Currently after the update, I can’t see those options to purchase it

Local leaderboard doesn’t update unless I quit the game start it again.

Possibly in next update, also do not know the reason why it is not there.
In Beta it is like this:

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That msg was for rev 1.13 not 1.13.1, but thx for the advice.

Edit: to be clear, I was wondering about the announcement, not email, that said there was a rollout well in advance while the next update has not been mentioned.

1.13 vs 1.13.1

So are these people in the habit of nerfing heroes in these updates? Ever since this morning I can’t do squat. Fairly new to the game, playing a little over a week, up to level 17. But since the update, my damage against titans is about half what it was yesterday, and I’m getting clobbered by everything in raids – like I can’t even beat a level 14 right now. I recently quit another game I’d been playing for over a year because the butthole developers kept arbitrarily nerfing stuff, not to mention turning the game completely into P2W. If that’s how this is going to be, please tell me now before I waste any more time on it.

Sorry about first post being so negative, but I’m still pretty bitter about that last game, and I’m starting to see signs of the same things that turned me off to it in this one.

Does anyone know when the event starts?

I’m afraid you will have to deal with nerf here too. Everything has been nerfed over the time. I am talking mainly about loot and odds.
As far as heroes are concerned, a hero is only nerfed when it comes on the update description. For example, on a previous update, a hero had attack stats nerfed or something like that, but we are warned.
Everything else is nerfed at ninja mode, without telling anyone and we keep getting strokes and heart attacks off of anger.

Not sure that nit about nerf/buff always being in the notes: currently, the word is Gretel was buffed without a notice.

No, they had a bug and she had special attack increased, but once discovered they returned / will return to normal

Luiz, thank you for that. I had not followed that thread long enough. Almost wasted some mats.

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Devs will tweak individual heroes occasionally, but I’m not aware of anything in this update that should have affected your Titan scores.

Probably your alliance is fighting stronger Titans today, the damage you can do depends on the relation between Titan’s strength and your attack power, perhaps you had found a rare Titan, those are pretty tough.

Regarding levels, well, levels means nothing in PVP, it is all about the lineup (not all actually, the board you get plays too)

I’ve been playing for a few months now and seen buffs and nerfs to heroes. Overall I would say there have been more buffs than nerfs.

That said, there are lot of factors that affect your ability to output damage. As already mentioned titans vary in strength. Pay attention to the number of stars as well as the health. Also some titans are more defensive while others offensive. You will do more damage to an offensive titan while also taking more damage, and the opposite is true of a defensive one.

In raids, player level and trophy cup mean nothing. Only the enemy team’s power can give you an idea of how your team generally matches up. A player several levels behind you could have better heroes, or more developed ones, causing you to do less damage.

And above all else, some days we just get bad tile boards and do crappy damage.