Reuben or Bertila - when to summon on Christmas?

With the new wars you may want to reconsider your slow Mana heros. Just saying.

Rightly said :+1:

20 charrr

Maybe little to both?
Reuben should have a nice slot and Bertila’s slow speed is deceiving bc shell receive mana from any minions that die while attached to her. once she fires once with those weak minions elemental link she should speed up. I really like the design of Bertila.
Reuben is being a little underrated tbh. theres plenty of DoT defenses and there always will be with the insane mana speed of DoT dealers. Even if you have Graz AND Vanda, which is a big if, hed still be a “glue guy” for a 2nd or 3rd fire line in war (depending on what you run, 4-1, 3-2, mono) against ANY DoT defense. he clocks in at fast mana and deals a pop of damage comparable to Evelyn’s. Cutting incoming DoT in half is bigger than it appears. I think ppl that max Reuben will end up liking him, and if you dont have a Garnet, vanda or Grazul hes a GREAT get.


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