Reuben or Bertila - when to summon on Christmas?

One event, two months. For many players it is important to know where to summon during Christmas event. Of course both heroes could change before release, but as for now, who is better? Please, try to avoid saying ‘it depends on your roster’, ‘they are different colours’ and so on, just answer a simple question: who is better overall?


Neither is a “must” pull hero to me.
I’m going to be using my tokens in December for Reuben. Telly is still the main tank in this game so I’d rather have another red option than green. I also have more rings than tonics.

If you’re relatively weaker on one elemental I’d suggest leaning towards your weaker element, but Reuben wins the tiebreaker (because Telly).

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I dont need another red and im not impressed by Bertila at all but i need greens much more. So i think my decision will be wait to January. But the desicion is so personal we cannot fix an answer for all.

Anyways, overall, i think Reuben has a slighlty advatage but only in terms of speed.

Good luck!

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Who the heck is Bertila and I don’t know anything about Reuben.

Summon whenever you want to.
RNG will decide anyway.

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Go for Bertila as your new tank.
Likely to revive fully charged.

In the current meta that we have, speed almost always trump all. Go for Bertila just to go against the flow.

There are several average, slow and even very slow heroes in the top 10 right now.

DoT & minions are the new meta.

Sorry, but neither hero is spectacular, so all those things you said not to reply with? They’re what matters.

Oh, and you missed one… what class. That may matter for some. December is sorcerer, January is fighter.

It’s hard to compare 2 heroes who fill very different roles, especially when they haven’t even released yet. Each will be better in different scenarios. Reuben might be a bit better vs Telly/green tanks flanked by GM/Vela/JF/ other DoT heroes. Bertila will be better for sure in rush attack scenarios.

Also, it DOES depend on your roster. You CANNOT make an absolute statement saying Reuben is better than Bertila or vice versa. If you are stronger in greens, then Reuben is probably better for you. If you are stronger in red then maybe Bertila is better for you.

If you have heroes like Garnet, Grazul or Vanda, then Reuben probably has less value.


I see that you do not clearly understand my idea. Forget your roster and current meta, put both of them in a vacuum and try to answer the question: who is better overall?

I think Reuben and Bertila are both pretty sad. I’m leaning towards Bertila because she’ll be more useful in Very Fast tourneys and wars (especially wars).

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I understand what you are asking and I answered your question along your conditions. The answer is neither b/c they are incomparable directly. There is no absolute metric to compare the two objectively. You can say one has better overall stats than the other or one has overall more damage output but that doesn’t mean necessarily mean one is absolutely better than the other b/c they are different speeds and have different utility in different circumstances.

If you are asking which one is subjectively better based off the opinions of others, then I would say I like Reuben slightly more b/c I prefer fast speed heroes as I prioritize heroes for raids/war. But that’s b/c I lack fast speed red 5* heroes. If I had Marjana, Kestrel, and Gefjon, I would probably prefer Bertila more since I already have Vanda who can block DoT.

The condition of comparing the two in a vacuum is meaningless b/c a vacuum doesn’t exist in this game; all heroes are in the context of a team and a ruleset. Ultimately, when comparing the two, you can only look at which hero will be more useful to you in more aspects of the game (raids, PvE, challenge events, ninja tower, field aid war, equalizer war, rush attack war, different types of weekly tournaments, etc). That’s something you have to decide for yourself.


Both are not too great and also not too bad. Just okay in paper.
So how we can determine which is more then the other… okay one indicator is…


Depend on playstyle,… so if we like fast sniper or 3-hit, choose Reuben… if we like hit-all, then choose Bertila.

In my case, I really like my new playstyle hit-all because it is much faster in raid, but it needs synergy support, like example in my purple: C.Rigs-Panther-C.Tibs-Ursena-Killhare, this team with 9 tiles 99% win and fast, so no need too much time for raid.

Now,… in my green… I do not have attack booster, well actually there is nothing overall currently (slow does not count, minimum 9 tiles), except maybe Grevle or Brienne which is a 3* heroes also does not count.
The defdown current best is Frigg, but I don’t have it, next alternative is Buddy, great even better he only need +8 node and mana level 17, at least 3-target get defense ailment, then defdown element either Evelyn or Almur (both fast, but I do not have it). So in this case,… I’m not focus on Bertila. But in general Bertila is shine on Very Fast rule Tournament and War in defense and offense.

EDIT: wait… Bertila is slow… so it does not count for my new playstyle here… lol duh :man_facepalming:
Better I choose Kadilen or Atomos.

Now, in my red… Attack buff is BT, def down is either Gormek or Wilbur, and element def down is Falcon (Mana lvl 23 or lvl 17 + class19), and another option later C.Marjana (faster). Reuben does not need another specific level mana troop too, so I think this is great synergy in paper.

Ok now another indicator is…


Depend on rosters,… so like example, I have many green leveled and also have some good green project in queue to level. And I have little project in my red.

So, for me. in my case it is still. I would like to summon both in December and January. But priority in December.



Both HOTM are not yet released, and maybe can change during beta test. And also in the future it can be nerf/buff them. So to answer when to summon, I think the answer IMO is depend on the month in December, if we already have Reuben in other portal, then save EHT for January, if we do not have, then pull some EHT in December until get Reuben, then save the rest EHT for January.


Which is better, apples or oranges?

You can keep asking all you want. It doesn’t make the question any more sensible.

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not sure what you need but Reuben is weak, just weak. Bert sounds like useful and counter for other slow heroes on VF tournaments (isarnia, c. quintus and other DEF/ATK ailment guys).

not to mention her double resist and huge damage on all.

keep in mind bert just was released for testing, she may change.

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Since I was super lucky to get Vanda, I’ll definitely try to hold off summoning until Bertila appears in the summon gate.

Ruben. With the chance of getting xmas heroes.

Also prefer average ruben than slow bertila

Reuben is fast
20 fast char requiered

Uranus it is avarage…

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@Lucky_Luke. Santa challenge is 1.3-1.7% chance for Mother north and Santa. If you want those heros it will cost you. Avalon I believe is a little better odds. Not much but s little better. Ninjas are spectacular if you can pull them. Color has nothing to do with pull % chance. Good luck. Don’t overspend. This is the month for kids.

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