Reuben, Noor or Natalya

Who to level to 80. Reuben, Noor or Natalya? Online have the materials to leven up 1 hero.

Thanks in advance

If you still see yourself summoning in future portals, or is working still on TC20s and/or Hero Academy to get better red legendaries, I say none of them.

But if you will not be summoning much, try maxing Noor as she is an interesting hero by reason that some players like her while others don’t, evidenced by several contrasting Noor threads.

Yeah as above, if you intend on trying to get other red 5*, save your materials. They’re too rare to waste on mediocre heroes. I feel like Noor will get a small buff in due course again to make her more viable, but until I see it shes staying 1-1

I would go with Noor, she"s more versatile than the other two. Waiting to get better red heros could be a looong process in this game. I say you enjoy in what you have already. Cheers!

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Why does nobody go with Natalya ? She’s a kind of Jean-François, right ? I mean, she doesn’t seem so bad at first view. What’s the matter with her ?

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The main problem with Natalya is Kingston. But since I don’t see him in many defenses any longer. I would use her more. Noor can do the same job at 3.7 as at 4.8. And Reuben is a bean pole

Other than that.
I agree with @Ultra
Wait… patience is a rewarding personality trait to have with this extraordinarily long and grindy game.

Poor Reuben.


What did you do to deserve this? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

FWIW, I am leveling him to 3/70 only, even if I have 28 rings available for use. Who knows, he might get buffed someday worthy of the ascension mats to be as my 8th maxed red 5*.

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Natalya is such an underrated hero. I have her maxed and absolutely love her. She always makes my attack teams (never defense).

She is super strong and I can rely on her taking out 1-2 enemies by herself each game. My Natalya does about 1,250 damage undispellable DoT damage to green heroes and about 1,050 to all others. She is my absolute favorite to take out slow heroes, especially with her undispellable mana debuff that’ll make people move tremendously slow. Coupled with her sorcerer ability, she is constantly slowing down the other team. My Natalya makes sure heroes like Heimdell, Alby, MotherNorth, Alfrike, Kunchen, etc. never go off.

She is super fun to play with and totally recommend using! Though here are two negatives about her:

  • you need to invest emblems into her for her full potential. Some heroes are still great at 4/80 while some heroes need those emblems. Natalya needs emblems to make her DoT as lethal as possible
  • despite being a hotm, Natalya doesn’t haven’t an elemental link. I hate that and it’s incredibly annoying how SG won’t give the og hotms an elemental link

I think a case could be made for any of the 3 being ascended. Especially if you are not going to be doing multiple summons on a regular basis and require the help now to advance until you are able to develop further.

The case for Natalya is made above.

Noor is also useful and has her place depending on team set-up and play style. She is much more effective at max than at 3/70 as she can both take a larger hit and the minions are stronger also. Especially if you have emblems for her. There are a number of threads containing videos of her in action. She is a bit like marmite - you love her or hate her.

That leaves me then to play devils advocate and argue the case for poor Rueben…

Yes, it would be nice to just have him cleanse, but there are situations where his particular skill is still useful. Eg vs a number of heroes now with undispellable DoT (eg Jabberwock or Costume Azlar) or where there are multiple ailments on the team you are facing and for example you need to clear a blind from Drake so you dont miss and are worried about GM going off a turn later. Cleanse the blind, fire your hero then fire Reuben to reduce the burn.

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Problem with Natalya is emblems. ~800 damage used to be most of someone’s HP, now it is sometimes barely over a half. For an effect that takes 4 turns to fully unfold this is very underwhelming. My Gefjon deals more damage immediately than emblemmed Natalya in total after 4 turns. The dmg emblemming her provides does not scale as good as the HP of the defenses.

Problem with Natalya is monks. And a lot of commonly used wings (which are natural food for Nat) are monks.

Problem with Natalya are ailment protectors. Now millions of them. While they successfully ended the reigns of GM, Vela, Telluria - they silently murdered all those innocent mediocre heroes whose only purpose was to cast the ailments.

Unfortunately, those single target uncleansable heroes (Nat, Morgan) were completely forgotten during the balance reworks the game had (ok, Nat dmg was increased by some funny numbers like 10 per turn or so). I can’t recommend this hero at all. Not until we are back to slow green wings meta (like Mother Norths, Alberichs). Against green tanks or fast green flanks she has almost as much use as her tile damage.


Eh? But that is too situational, right? Too niche. If such is the case, I’d better be off bringing a healer than Reuben, or perhaps Grazul, who heals and prevent negative status effects that may be caused by the ensuing DoT of GM.

It is very situational, I am mainly playing devils advocate here as i believe all heroes have a use no matter how niche it is.

However, I do still think it is a valid option in circumstances such as that, or in the case of undispellable DoT. Also without knowing rosters if someone is limited on cleansers (of the top of my head if playing red mono other than Zimkitty this could be a issue) he is a possibility to plug and play.

Ahhh. To that I agree. Not all players have the same heroes and troops, and playstyle, and the amount of money poured into the game, if any. You have my nod.

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I agree with some of your hinderances towards Natalya but i disagree with a lot too. As someone who has a pretty deep bench, i rarely ever bench Natalya.

First, her card says she does ~800 DoT but you are not factoring in the troop. My Natalya does about 1,050 damage to normal heroes and 1,250 damage to green heroes. And you are highly underestimating her mana debuff. She makes heroes move at a glacial pace. Sometimes i fire her off at a gravemaker or healer who is at low health and doesn’t really need the DoT to kill them, but rather to stop them from having their ability go off.

I do wish she hit more heroes like Lady Locke does and/or has an elemental link, but Natalya does a great job on offense nonetheless.