Reuben creates minions for non-Fire heroes

This is not as described in the hero text. He is supposed to only create minions for Fire heroes.

He is not, but likely due to the new HoTM family bonus, if there is at least another HoTM from the same year, the elemental link effects would end up being applied to the entire party.


So how in the world would anyone know this ??

This is a ridiculous answer. “Likely”??? Feh !!

Where can I read about this new HoTM family bonus.

So I did some research… the HoTM family bonus “appears” to be in beta. As far as I know, I’m not running beta.

So …
a) is the HoTM family rule in beta ?
b) how can I tell if I’m in beta ?


Was going to post a link about the HoTM family bonus, but looks like you might have already found it, but the HoTM bonus is actually live now, and was part of the V.42 update (that contained featured the Clash of Knights updates).

Version 42 Release Notes & Status - News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

The HoTM family bonus was also not active until just few days ago and probably saw some of its first action during the mid-week war.

I am not in the beta program, some beta testers who frequent the forum could probably tell you some identifier of the beta testing environment.


If there are still some questions, ask here:


In game, you can view the Version 42 Release notes which explains the family bonus from the Announcements button

Each HoTM will also have the family badge that gives info about the specific year’s bonus


I certainly don’t want SG to make more intrusive messaging, but given the number of similar posts we’ve seen, do we need it?

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In one other game I play, there is a noticeboard in the Town where announcements of new content, events, etc are posted.

Maybe they can do something similar in the Stronghold so that you don’t need to switch to the Support tab to actually see it.


Minions are summoned because of Reuben’s elemental link (description of the special skill)

If 2 HotMs from the same year are used, their elemental link applies to all allies (description of family bonus).

It’s all literally in the card description. Not a bug.

Announcement was a popup in game, but I assume you just clicked it without reading which isn’t uncommon due to million unnecessaru popups, but still…

They also post release notes every time there’s new update available, on the very google play site from which you download it.


Thanks for all the tips !!! I see now what I need to check. Much appreciated.

I did check his special skill, which said it only applied to fire elements. But, I did NOT check any family bonuses on the left side of the hero. My mistake.

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Glenda’s elemental link states only ice heroes get an ice minion. Yet here we see everyone has received one.

Have a look here. Same thing just with Reubens minions.

It’s the new hotm family bonus, allowing hotm to give their element link (in those cases the minions) to all allies if you use at least 2 hotm from the same family (year).


Can we have a sticky post for this “issue”? That must be be the millionth bug thread for the family bonus


if people don’t read the hero cards, why would they read a sticky post?


Potentially… but if they came on the forum to make Thread about it, they might notice the post :man_shrugging:

Would be nice if the game updated the element link description to say ‘all heroes/elements’ when the HOTM family bonus is active. Confusing if you don’t look carefully.

Oh…the year bonus…way too much going on these days…can’t remember half of it any more :joy:

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As written on subject, Reuben is giving a Red Minion to ALL instead of RED ONLY.

Who were the other heroes in the that team?
Possible there was another HOTM from 2020, where the HOTM family bonus was applied.


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