Reuben – 5* Fire/ Red - December 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

If your unsure then that says something. As I said before does any hero fit into a team that you use how would you use said hero to benfit you on offence or even defence.
Costume E Is cool riposte is a pain that be my vote.

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i realized a simple change for reuben that would make him much more interesting and synergies.

intstead of reducing Damage over Time on allies he should be changed to give DoT increase debuff on enemies.


Have been using Reuben since December and he is not really worth giving the rings to if otherwise you have a decent bench. He falls between chairs and doesn’t shine in any situation.
Don’t get me wrong he is not completely useless but when you have more options, he is chasing the tail.

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Can Reuben’s buff reduce damage from Ninja Tower’s poison and S2 poison mist’s poison ? They are fixed but aren’t from ailment.

I use Reuben all the time and quite like him. He hits like a feather but with a red mono stack, he gives the team all minions (my only minion spawner). Very useful for the difficult stages at the end of the Easter event and Hard season 3 where every one hits so hard.

I think Santa, C Elena, Marjana and Baldur all are viable - I wouldn’t include Reuben in that list.

Out of the 4, personally I really like Baldur - have a look at the Baldur topic where there is a lot of valuable feedback. I use Baldur in my red mono stack against Freya tanks and he works really well there.

Out of the others I think C Elena is probably the best pick

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checked it on S2 it had no effect damage stays the same

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I was (un)fortunate enough to pull Reuben back then. Leveled him to 4/80 because I had leveled up all my other 5* reds and had rings to spare, so… may as well. :laughing:

Looking at his special I thought it was really good. Then realised I misread it. Re-read it only to feel a bit disappointed.

So useful was Reuben I even forgot I had him even in war! :laughing:

Funny thing is… I am experimenting using him in my red raid stack and… it’s been going fine actually. He’s currently replaced Wilbur. While the minions aren’t particularly protective it does add a little more protection. Definitely a niche use case, but liking him more than my initial impression suggested. :slightly_smiling_face:


I missed on Reuben, but did get Glenda and noticed the same thing with her minions. The 5% HP is just too low. I guess it is a heal, but I don’t consider her a minion maker. In S3 hard I had 3 full health Glenda minions and one enemy slash attack killed all 3 …. My Glenda is +19 so that is with a lot of bonus stats too.

Maybe it is different for Zulag with emblems as her HP is through the roof. :man_shrugging:


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