Returning player looking for a team

Hello all. My name is Michael and I’m returning to the game after taking 11 months off. I do have a pretty strong team, or at least it used to be considered strong. I used to play 6 mono teams for wars, not sure if it’s a proper strategy anymore. I play predominantly 5* tourneys. I am still a diamond level player, too. I’m looking for a strong, experienced team, that isn’t overly serious and centers around fun and socialization: it’s just a game after all. Let me know if you’re interested in a player such as myself.




We at Brothers of the Sword have a couple spots open. Sounds like it would be a good fit. You should message our leader on line. id: earlverdant

I’ve just moved your post over to alliance recruitment… Good luck in your search!

Ps welcome back to the fray

I would recommend TBD Part Deux. Theyre experienced and fun for sure. You could also have a chat to @Macaque1902. See below…

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Rising Dawn is an international alliance, speaking English with clear rules.
We are currently

  • killing 11 stars titans,
  • looking for players with at least one 4400 TP team
  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K
  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested or join us directly in the game

I believe the Idle hands match the description perfectly. Here is the official thread by our leader and here is mine unofficial description in some other similar thread.

In short, if you want to go back to constant crunch and a lot of rules - choose anyone else. If you don’t want to burn out again soon but still want to kill some 14* - consider us. You can just join us: we are almost always open, no complicated filtering via Line or something.

Hey Terpgrad, props as I’m born and raised in the same area as the Terps!

Endless Knights is looking to fill our last spot and you seem like a legit candidate. We are a friendly active alliance that recognizes real life comes first. We recently had a member join us from a break, and we are honored to help her find her way back into the game.

Welcome back and good luck in your search!

Wow! What great options you have to choose from! Good luck and welcome home :two_hearts:

Come join us. We would love to have you. We’re laid back and have fun. Play as often as you can but no minimums other then not playing for a month when you first start.

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