Return to sanctuary- the worst event ever

I finished it without much trouble. Some tips:

  • General: Minions and overhealing is your friend. More HP = more damage you can absorb from counterattack. Bypass from counter attack won’t work for some reason, probably because this would make the even apparently too easy. :triumph: :roll_eyes: Damage amplifiers such as Buster, but also Roxia (who duplicates damage done to others) is very helpful. Maybe shared damage on enemy group (C-Gunnar, Wilbur) could help, but didn’t try this (normally it cuts damage from reflect, but I am not sure how it works here given that even Reflect bypassers don’t work).
  • Rare: Used Rekhetre, Bagreg, Buster, Boots and Sally. The strategy is fire Rek when available, try to charge all heroes, get as much HP as possible, get to final stage with 0% charge and then fire Buster → Bagreg → Boots → Sally → Rekhetre, followed by all direct damage battle items (here Axes and Arrows). This should be enough to finish all stages without taking much damage in return.
  • Epic: Used Waddles, Goldie, Bogart, C-Wu Kong and Buster. Same strategy as above, except you want to fire Goldie as much as you can due to her permanent attack increase. Only her and Buster are essential, you can work with different heroes. @sleepyhead posted some strat working for him here: 🪨 [MASTER] Return to Sanctuary Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #113 by sleepyhead
  • Legendary: Used Phenexa, Sparklight, Pepperflame, Khufu and Hammerclang (3/70). Again, damage amplifier is great to have, so much I used incompletely ascended one. Goblins with permanent attack increases are great because those stick for the rest of battle, unlike decreases which obviously work only for current wave, and you want to make as much of specials as possible. Darkfeather is great even in dark-reflect stages because his special is not offensive and that counter is nasty. Grimsteel will be great too. The strategy as above: fire Pepper as much as possible and in boss wave fire specials (use damage amplifier first) and mop up with items. Some heroes will die, my Sparklight and Khufu have seen the stars :star: :star: at the end of the battle more often than not.

By the way this event is terrible. It takes elements that are considered as Fake Difficulty (damage reduction, taking damage on attack, limited number of attacks etc.) and puts them together. The only saving grace is the regular enemies have no specials.