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I would take mini mana pots instead of super mana pots in that case because you already have tornados that give you mana.

But i think it’s better to bring 5 bombs attacks 5 axes and 5 dragons attacks.
This is intant 4500 damages to all. If the bosses don’t die instantly they should be near death I believe.

the problem is i dont have dragon attacks and i cant craft them yet hahaha

Hmm it is only 2500 damages with 5 axes and 5 bombes not sufficient enough but I if you work the board before the last stage and arrive full mana with all your hereos and have a red diamond ready this may work with kiril- Wilbur- Scarlett- chao - tibertus…

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Completed all three versions with only one team: C. Rigard +20, Azlar +10, Ursena +11, Grazul 4/7x, Seshat +18. No items used. Got a bit repetative in the end…

Same. My crew was Boldtusk +c20 / Domitia +18 / Onatel +7 / Vela +10 / Wizard Melendor +20. I didn’t find the last few levels as challenging as some seasonals. Gotta resist getting lulled into a false sense of security, though. I predict Christmas won’t go down that easily. The minion spam is real on that one.

I completed Morlovia with only one team too. 'Course it was unfair to the defense at easy level. My team" Santa+1, PiB+3, cRigard+20, Proteus+9 and Noor3/70
Worked like a charm. Can’t wait to sub in Freya! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this minion team works at the xmas event. Although there’s proly too much red. We’ll see.

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@moderators sorry to drop this here, wasn’t sure where to ask with the replay thread closed. And I don’t know how to ask without mentioning ingame disciplinary actions - although I’m not asking about the actions themselves…

re: players who exploited the event, I’ve heard second-hand that some were suspended and some were shut out completely.

I’m wondering if alliance leaders will know whether a member has gone negligent or is just waiting out a suspension? I assume that kicked accounts will disappear from the alliance member list, but will suspensions just look like an abandoned account until reinstated?

No way to know unless that person tells you.

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i still haven´t finished the event (Too many flags to use in rare quest, trials and filling elemental chest)

I´m doing the event with: Grimm + 19 Caedmon + 20 Scarlett+7 Sabina + 20 and Kiril +19 No problems at all by stage 13 advanced.

I have spent 4 EHT: Ulmer, Ishtakk, Dawa and Chao. I´m happy with Chao, but He will have to wait till i level Mist.

I have replied here

(Chat ban in the game- More warning, More transparency, More leniency)

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@jinbatsu I beat advanced with all 4*’s and it wasn’t that hard. Enemies rarely fired and in the last level they didn’t at all. The whole challenge I probably used 1 time stop, 10 or so medium mana pots, 10 or so mini mana pots, and maybe 5 health pots. :+1:

The team started out as me using a couple heroes that I don’t normally, but it worked out great and I rolled right through:

Gretel for mana and good A value.

LJ has big tile damage and slows all the mana since all the bosses are fast, etc.

Buddy for D drop, A drop, minion meat shield.

c-Melendor for D boost and heal.

Hu Tao for blind, which it turns out I LOVE! I got him really late so rarely played him, but after seeing how well he performed in the last emblem trial I tried it out. When the mobs and bosses miss, even if when they do hit it is at full strength (unless Buddy dropped their A), those misses are otherwise full strength damage I don’t need to account for with healing :+1:

I did put Gretel next to Buddy for minion cover and swapped time clocks for dragons. No dragons used and 1 time clock on last level as a precaution to save mana pots in case it dragged out.

This event was fun but seemed a little easier than usual, anyone else notice that?

Good luck to all still playing :crossed_fingers:



Just finished the event. Most stages are quite easy. I don´t know if it´s intended or a small mistake: Vanda and Francine had over 6k hp and Victor less than 5k.

This was the team used to beat last stage:

i had to flee first time, I got overconfident and some slash attack killed Grimm and Scarlett, so I tried again: This time I used time stops instead of tornadoes, and it worked great. The most dangerous attack is their slash. Skill attack doesn´t deal such strong damage.

I had most situations covered: Caedmon cleansing before heal (Avoiding vampires heal Sabina for dispelling before dealing some status ailment Kiril provided buffs. I think Minions would work here greatly.

I overspent some items just for enjoyment and to avoid any risk.

Trainer and emblems saved for now.


Congrats! :tada: and another plus without Proteus which is essential challange :sweat_smile:

Wow, congrats with 4* heroes only plus without mana controller, that’s hard to achieve… :+1: :tada:


Thanks for your words. Time stops were very useful, but mostly to avoid consecutive slash. Timing the cleansing and dispeling was key.

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Agreed! Nice work @Peazomanco. I cheated and used Gretel :laughing:. She is no proteus, true, but she is a difference maker :ok_hand: You made me look bad :laughing: :+1:


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I was about to crow about having finished, but I used Proteus so nothing to boast about after all. Rest of the team was Seshat, Frida, Rigard and Vela (she still has her uses!). One time stop and most of the mana potions used in the last level, otherwise a very cheap run. And I only did it once…!


A win is a win @Gorann, nice work! Congrats on some of those summons too, there are some great rare ones in that team! :+1:


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Thanks. And I even have just enough rings for Vanda!

Well done on sneaky use of Gretel :wink:

By the way the “only did it once” wasn’t a dig at people who didn’t finish off in one try (which can happen to anyone if RNG hates you), it was about The Incident referred to by Disposable above.

wow great work @Muchacho @Peazomanco ! nice work beating this with all 4*s, and some lesser-used ones at that!

You did great with those heroes, despite the mana control, having 3 heroes weak vs Vanda is a tough challenge and a long battle. Also playing some slow heroes can be risky, I also had LJ under the sleeve if my strategy failed but considered having him, Grimm and Scarlett was going with too much glass cannon.

Thank for your words, and thanks to all who has shared his /her knowledge of this game.

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