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@jinbatsu I beat advanced with all 4*’s and it wasn’t that hard. Enemies rarely fired and in the last level they didn’t at all. The whole challenge I probably used 1 time stop, 10 or so medium mana pots, 10 or so mini mana pots, and maybe 5 health pots. :+1:

The team started out as me using a couple heroes that I don’t normally, but it worked out great and I rolled right through:

Gretel for mana and good A value.

LJ has big tile damage and slows all the mana since all the bosses are fast, etc.

Buddy for D drop, A drop, minion meat shield.

c-Melendor for D boost and heal.

Hu Tao for blind, which it turns out I LOVE! I got him really late so rarely played him, but after seeing how well he performed in the last emblem trial I tried it out. When the mobs and bosses miss, even if when they do hit it is at full strength (unless Buddy dropped their A), those misses are otherwise full strength damage I don’t need to account for with healing :+1:

I did put Gretel next to Buddy for minion cover and swapped time clocks for dragons. No dragons used and 1 time clock on last level as a precaution to save mana pots in case it dragged out.

This event was fun but seemed a little easier than usual, anyone else notice that?

Good luck to all still playing :crossed_fingers: