Return to Morlovia - don’t be put off!

I’ll probably attempt a bit further in the advanced than I was planning too now. :slight_smile:

Is their a guide that shows which enemies are at each level?

This event was easy. Perhaps i have just learned to play since i have started to play in march or… Morlovia actually was made easy.

I used maxed Vivica, Wu Kong, Red Hood and Domitia and 3^70 Gravemaker. No bigger items, only small antidotes in the last boss fight at the advanced level.

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Can hardly call it easy when you took that team…

I would prioritize Atlantis the lowest; perhaps even lower than filling normal chests. The portal comes back every month and you can earn those tokens at any time.


Kikyo, your vetern player, but we “the newbies” need any good chance to gather AMs and to get a chance to have a new hero.
For me, I got Aegir so I got some thing to work on, but As I know that he will just go till 3^70 and stuck, I wanted to gave other heroes to work on.
Thats why Atlantis is important.
But that just me …
And I’m a newbie …

I needed that royal tabard to finally ascend Sartana to her final tier - and then used that 4* trainer and a small handful of 2* heroes on her after the ascension. Nice jump up 10+ levels!

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What color were the enemies in this, I can’t remember. Blue, green and dark?

Purple and blue bosses, red and purple featured most often in the mobs I think.

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Thank you for sharing this. After I read your post about a week ago, I have to say it helped motivate me to give the tabard a good try and I was pleasantly surprised. I was 900TP below the ‘recommended’ TP, so it took quite a lot of time, but I have now finished every level of the Halloween event, even without the use of many items. I hope more people read this and give it their best shot, even if they only have 3k TP and it takes them 30 minutes to do each level, the tabard is definitely worth it. Thank you for the motivation


I’m currently on stage 18 of advanced. This is my alt account and the heroes I am using are shown on the image below. Sabina, Gormek, Melendor, Wu kong and Colen (2/something) are the only 4* heroes I have.

I have to admit that it is surprisingly easy if I can keep Kailani up, thus far. I expect the last few stages to be more difficult and have axes/bombs ready.

My team power is just underneath 3k as you can see. Anyone who has Kailani or Gunnar could definitely give it a shot! Great asset to survivability and with the mana-filling pumpkins my heroes have not been in danger yet.


No problem! Glad it helped! It’s definitely a generous rating lol



I am a new player, I started 2 weeks ago and after I finished “Return to Morlovia” in normal mode this week-end, I decided to try the advanced mode and my initial goal was to finish the 10 first level. Which I did yesterday :grinning:
I just did the level 14. I thing I found a good way to handle the different waves and boss (I haven’t lost once yet in advance mode) but the problem is that my team is mainly 3* and with the creeps and boss power raising I believe that the last levels will be a bit too difficult for me in the last 2 days of this event (as far as I remember there are more creeps in the last levels which would be clearly a showstopper for me :grin:), anyway I will try my best but I’m looking for some advice.

First here is my team ready for level 15 :

I am currently farming a little because my initial plan is too ascended Tiburtus and get him some level with the trainer hero I got at level 10 and also maybe get close to 3.50 with Valen (and with remaining food maybe upgrade some troups).

Regarding items life potion and antidote are of course a must have, in the last level I switch from arrow to axes which is more efficient and sometimes mana potion is very cool too. I don’t have powerfull item except 1 or 2 and my best forge research is “arrow attack” :joy:

Question 1 : should I consider to get a new technology quickly to do some change in items?
I am thinking of replacing mana potion with turtle banner, what do you think?

Another question regarding my team, I don’t have a lot of other options because my other heroes are :
3* : Baltazar, Friar Tuck, Kailani - all level 1.1
4* : Gormek 1.4 and another Tiburtus 1.1
5* : Aegir 1.27

OK so I think I don’t have any option with 3* and 4* cause not enough time to get them to an interesting level, but I am wondering if Aegir could fit even if he is still very low. I didn’t use it yet and of course his defense against nature will not very useful in this case but his ability to share damage and to heal the 2 side heroes could be very interesting. Valen is important to make damage to boss but his abilty to lower defense is not often usefull with Tiburtus.
Question 2 : Do you think I should switch Valen with my low Aegir (and maybe get Aegir level a bit higher)? And in this case, how should I setup the team around Aegir?
Of course I would love to try many different options to figure out myself but my world energy will not allow me in these 2 days so thanks for any advices :wink:

I originally stopped after advanced stage 15 thinking I was too underpowered to complete it. However, this thread motivated me to attempt the rest. I completed the final stage yesterday with Drake 3/5, Sabina 4/38, Chao 3/60, Caedmon 4/69 and Scarlett 4/49. Team power was 3100 and green potions were the deciding factor.



Could work out well, but it depends on the board. I would rather have mana potions available in order to charge up Hawkmoon when I really need her. The Vampire bosses don’t hit as hard as other bosses, so I don’t think it’s necessary to take a Turtle Banner with you.

Other items such as bombs and dragon attacks might give you a great headstart to finish of the difficult boss levels.

With only 1 day left I do not think that this is the way for you to go. It will take a while until Aegir is ‘‘better’’ than Valen attack and defense wise, but his Spirit Link could save your butt. If you do want to try, then get him leveled up as high and quickly as possible. I would place Aegir in the center flanked by Hawkmoon and Tiburtus/Brienne in order to protect them. You really want your healer to stay alive and one of the other two heroes are key to dealing more damage.

It’s unfortunate that your Kailani is at 1/1. She is a great asset to your survivability in events like these. I would suggest you to level her up.

Thanks for you answers Tom.

For items you are correct, I will not try Turtle Banner and instead may get research for Axes in case my stock goes down. I currently don’t have good items except for 2 bombs so I prefer to focus on Axes for the moment.

Regarding my team, I ascended Tiburtus and got it to 3.17 and also got Aegir to 1.31.
So I tried level 15 with Aegir instead of Valen… and I failed.
Aegir did a good job for the first 3 waves and I didn’t used more than 2 or 3 healing potions before the bosses.
But for the bosses and especially level 15 with 2 of them, Valen seems really better : for the 1st time I had not enough antidotes to cure my heroes as soon as the get cursed by vampire. And when your heroes protected by Aegir are cursed, the healing power of Aegir is useless : basically you hit a boss which bring you back some heal, which most of is immediately stolen and given back to the boss :sweat_smile:
Maybe for level with one boss it could be OK, but for level 15 it was too hard.
So for the moment I switch back to Valen and if I succeed in level 15 and get stopped in one of the next levels with one boss, maybe I’ll try Aegir again.

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So after 3 attempts I passed level 15 with Valen. 1 antidote, 1 mana potion and 2 heroes alive at the end :sweat_smile:
I will not try to go further, I don’t know if I can beat the next levels with one boss because this takes too much resources and with my current team there is 100% chance I’ll lose in level 20 so it’s not worth it.
And good news : with the summon token reward of level 15, I got Boldtusk :grinning:

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Got it first try with this team.

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