Return to Morlovia - don’t be put off!

First off - this isn’t a bragging post!

I’ve just beat all of the stages of normal and advanced on this quest using average - good heroes. Some five star but low ascension but this map is easy to beat with fours if you have the right team.

The team I used was Kadilen 2/60, Sabina 3/60, Ares 2/60, Sonya 3/60 and Wu-Kong 4/70. Total team power 3080.

The main thing on this is healer heroes and antidotes, I found that having Sabina as my healer and Ares next to her (healing my healer), I never lost a single hero during the battles.

Items are important - I took tier 1 health potions, arrows, tier 1 antidotes and tier 1 mana. My arrows were aced to blind the bosses. My antidotes cured the heal steal, my mana was used for sabinas heal or wu kongs buff and health potions as a back up.

Be strategic with which tiles you use and when, keep hitting off the boss to improve your mana on your healer and keep plugging away.

The high numbers for recommended levels are very generous - my team power was 3080 and had no problems.

The rewards are ok for the effort I suppose but definitely been a fun quest to do.

Good luck everyone!!


Its so easy to manage winning the Halloween event with even 4☆ team.
The only thing that other players specailly (newbies and F2P) who been playing less than 2 months will be the time.
Some may say that the event is 16 days to get it done.
But also there are many great other quests going on in same time.
■Rare red event with a hidden dagger and rings is OFC must be done. And it takes 2 roumds of W.E for that.
■Diamond &Recruit quests are so important and also takes W.E.
And now there is Atlantis with limited time to run the map for extra tokens to get a pull or 2.
Those players ont have enough W.E for this all, so they will have to let go of some very important resources and rewards if they aim to finish the Halloween event on both of Normal and Advanced.
I already used about 6 W.E flasks to finish : Normal
Red rare
All other quests
And left 1 stage on advanced halloween.
But this is me with months of collecting flasks.
What about other players who have no same items.
I think there was not very well orgnizing to set those all events in same time.
But this is just my opinion and I am not blaming no one here … just an advice to prevent this issue from happen to other players in some other coming events.


True, I used three energy flasks because I had a few saved up. It helped that I levelled up during this time too.

It depends on what your priorities are, I’m trying to get materials to level up dark heros so the trainer cards and ascension item’s were must-haves for me.

But a hidden dagger and a ring in the red rare event is a top important to have.
And the atlantis tokens are good chance to support the ascessnion chest in Atlantis portal as well … so how hard to pick a call.
Confusion stuff has been always a clear way to regret which lead a green bones to quit very much.

i agree with you there, i suppose it’s down to what your needs are at the time. Some completionists will want it just for the avatars but they don’t really interest me.

For me i wanted the purple stuff more than anything else and managed to do it in time so can still complete the red event. I’m probably going to miss the atlantis coin pulls this time but they seem to come round every so often and haven’t been convinced by the majority of the atlantis cards yet.

Busy times indeed. We were trying to win our war (succeeded, yay), fight an 8 star titan, which is still a challenge for us, work on the purple quest when up pops a red quest, and then I get a yellow chest!

Thank goodness for loot tickets and energy flasks :joy:

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Bet that helped your xp :stuck_out_tongue:

I was so busy I didn’t even notice. Luckily I’m not close to leveling up or sure as heck I would have missed the opportunity on the titan.

I cant seem to get past advanced 15. My team includes from left to right:
Li Xiu 4/70, Alasie 3/70, Elkanen 3/70, Gormek 4/70, Merlin 4/70. I have all 4* troops ranged from 11-13. I have used top of the line battle items. I am about ready to give up. The only healer I have leveled on my roster is Melendor 4/52 and he seems to die fast whenever I use him for anything. Any advice? Thank you in advance! :grin:

What specific items are you using, it’s definitely an issue with the healing capability of the team from the sound of it.


I’ve tried time stops, fireballs, high end green potions, blue potions and red potions. I’m currently out of dragon bones to make anymore good items

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Also @nicknack750 all my troops are healer troops except for 1. The green one go figure. Green troops are the 4* trees

  • Board strategy, try making the board hot before going into the boss fight. Keep ghosting until you get diamonds and good colors.
  • Anitdotes: don’t forget to use them.right away
  • Banner: bear and dragon banner will probably help survive better.
  • Focus on one boss at a tim
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Thank you for your advice

Stack colors Skip the boss color (usually purple) and take an extra yellow


Also: The Bug with the bosses is an easy exploit. :wink:

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I don’t have good 5☆ so I use 4☆ line.
Wu Gormek Boril LilJon Sabina
Small anti dots x10
Dragon Flags
Meduim HP pots
And just 1 stage left on advanced to finish, waiting for W.E

It’s doable with four star heroes. My rainbow team:

Tiburtus 4/32
Scarlett maxed
Drake Fong 3/70
Kiril maxed
Little John maxed

Mostly came down to making sure I healed my team often enough and managed specials carefully. Only failed to clear a stage once or twice through the 40 stages.

I want to thank everyone for your advice I have completed the event woohoo!! I couldnt have done it without ya!


Well done! That 4 star purple trainer is awesome for levelling up!