🎃 Return to Morlovia 2019: Vlad – Thoughts & Discussion

65 Damage OVER 5 TURNS? What the eff is that?!

Is he a Hero or a Minion?


@Orichalcum-Aife He might as well be a minion at this point.


He is the most useless hero in the game and his card is like a bad joke designed by poor minds. Even a 2* hero like Layla is more superior. Anyway, is just a 3* purple hero and this is why no one bothers to organize something to draw attention of the devs; there are many others and more important heroes to be rethought.

Suppose in filed aid that could come in handy as you say on a smaller team.
Quests not so much as none of the bosses heal. It’s a body I guess if your stuck to fill a spot!

I have him in my alt account and I was happy tthat I got him last year so I leveled him. That was a mistake. I could have worked on Tyrum, Oberon, Renfeld, Prisca, even Layla at 2* would be better.He is no doubt the worst hero in the game at any * tier. A very fast hero that is awful is hard to believe. Funny that last year I got my only 2 event heroes or HOTM in either account for a long time ( I recently did get Bauchan and Peters in my main account) . I got Vlad and then later I got Aegir. I thought Aegir was geat, a 5* for free and my first 1. I was ready to make my alt account my main one. Then I saw Aegir in action. But the v20 buff came and now he is awesome. But vlad unfortunately still SUXXX. He doesn’t even damage a 1*. I mean even at very fast even if you target the same hero they don’t get hurt.

And he looks silly. Open sleeveless vest posing like a male model…LOL. Its comical.

Level 3 of him, stack em in rare bloody battle holy restricted and watch the others die, since the only rare cleanser is slow GilRa…

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@Olmor That is actually a good idea. Although right now I would have to split my rogue emblems 3 ways now cause I have Kelile, Scarlett, and Vlad to level. I just hope the next bloody battle that is 3 stars, dark is allowed and holy is banned.

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I need some garlic now. :wink:



@Olmor I got garlic salt, would that help?

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Die from what? Only if the opponent’s heroes are sleeping :rofl: Even the AI (and we know how dumb it is), would kill them easily. Bloody battle doesn’t work for him to steal some healing and until their DoT would matter at all, they are for long gone. Let’s get real…

On attack, since his dot stacks.

I know on attack. That’s why I said AI would kill them easily. You should level all 4 and try sometime :slightly_smiling_face:

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