🎃 Return to Morlovia 2019: Victor – Thoughts & Discussion

Victor. He could be a really good fast tank for you. You just need him to protect your other heroes long enough to power up and as long as he’s alive, the shield will always be up. Even if they get debuffed, he’ll put them up again in no time. He also leeches on healers so he would be better as offence hero because then you can choose to latch him on healers.

How so? what makes him good particularly against them?

Because his DoT gets around Santa’s ability, it prevents MN from healing herself up completely (you should target her first, so the resurrection won’t be a factor), his vFast mana will reverse Santa’s def down and all the vampires bites work in tandem (if you bite a foe with Valeria and then Victor, it is like Victor bit the same foe twice).


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