🎃 Return to Morlovia 2019: Victor – Thoughts & Discussion

Been using double Victor for almost a year now and it’s SOOO good! His stacking DoT and self heal has saved me multiple times in raids and war. I’m not too impressed with him as a solo hero, but even then he still has his uses

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So I was all gung-ho to give Marie my tabards, but then I pulled Victor today… very fast and Defense buff is better than slow and defense buff, even with Marie’s heal over time and zombie benefit, I think. Should I do Victor instead of Marie, who I was doing instead of Domitia? Who should get tabards???

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Both have similar tile damage at max stats. My choice would be Marie though, since the healing over turns buff synergizes well with existing purple healers you might have (even if it’s emblemed Rigard or Sabina).

Unless you struggle at Field Aid wars – according to one of my teammates who got him last year, that is where Victor shines – he isn’t an immediate priority.

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I personally don’t really struggle with field aid wars. I have a vast collection of average and fast damage dealers and lots of defense debuffers. I’ll just keep everyone at 3.70 while I level Victor, and then I’ll decide I guess.

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Finally got Victor from gem pulls! 3 Vlads and a Valeriain this event, so I guess I could make a team of it if so inclined. He’ll have to wait until Sartana gets maxed, but still, so happy I could cry. Or maybe that’s because of the gems I had to buy, lolz.


If you have another sniper or two, I would strongly suggest Victor BEFORE Sartana because you can use Sartana at 3.70, but Victor needs to be maxed to be effective, especially with his really weak defense.

I’ve heard that about Victor needing to be maxed, mostly because of his defense being low. Unfortunately Vic and Sartana are my only two Dark legendary heroes atm, so the win would have to go to Sartana there. I do have a little time to make that decision though as Sartana is at 2-20 and I only have 4 traps and 10 tabards.

If anyone has options victor is a great great great choice. He’s on my d team and he’s used constantly in raids. I have a bunch of emblems and a Level 11+ mana troop on him so it only takes three to the top to charge him and it’s awesome.
His d buff is great. Much more effective than I thought it would be…many times that can be triggered before the enemy does theirs. I never played him unmaxed but I can absolutely say he’s worth any materials you put into him.

I agree with @King_Kyree77, the utility of surplus snipers diminishes quickly after the second or third sniper, although always handy in general of course. I just like variety

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I’m probably with you on that, I like variety too. Which is why I need a sniper, lolz. I’m still working through my 4* core heroes, leveling BT and after that Wilbur. So of my 13 5* heroes, only 4 are past the 4th tier, Drake at 4-32, Grazul at 4-20, Kadilen at 4-3 and Thorne at 4-50.

When I finish Peters, who’s at 4-35 I’ll be finished with nature so can start on Kingston (leaving Kadilen). I was going to start Sartana the other day, but Sabina came along, so I’m maxing her first to have another healer/dispeller.

I’m close to giving full attention to 5* heroes soon though, and since there’s only 2 dark heroes to focus on, it won’t be too long before Victor has his chance to shine. I can always max Valeria in the meantime if I need a health leech.

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Cool, I suppose I was thinking a very fast defence up is priceless

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No argument there, in fact if I could level them all up yesterday I would, lolz. Just been short hard hitters my whole E&P career and thought Sartana would serve me best as first through the gate. I do really appreciate everyone’s suggestions though.



How many pulls did you make before you got Victor? Anyway congratulations.

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I don’t count those trivial things, lolz. It was less than a Benjamin and more than a Franklin though for the gems.

All Victor users out there; is he worth maxing for offense? It’s him or dupe Hel for next set of tabards. Wouldn’t go on any def.

Maxed purple 5s are Kunchen, Hel, Seshat, Kage.

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This game rewards variety, so I’m on team Victor. Hel is great, but if you have one, do you really need another? Victor will also be a great counter to Telluria if she is released the way the devs have designed her.

My vote: Victor!

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Thanks :)! Dupe Hel would be awesome for war. Raiding I’m honestly not lacking anywhere, and end up going 4-1 purple red on everything because lazy.

Vic could however work nicely as odd man out in war 4-1 or with Rigard in war 3-2. Hm.


Do you also have proteus? If so, emblem him up and he is almost like Hel except he does DoT instead of instant damage.


I have Proteus. All the wiz emblems belong to Guin though ;). Hel might get some back one day but the protopod will be left wanting.

I’m intrigued by Victors def buff and the combination with direct damage, dot and heal steals. Should come in very handy for field aid. And as you say, variety.

He’s also really good against the Christmas heroes. All the vampires are.


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