🎃 Return to Morlovia 2019: Victor – Thoughts & Discussion


How many pulls did you make before you got Victor? Anyway congratulations.

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I don’t count those trivial things, lolz. It was less than a Benjamin and more than a Franklin though for the gems.

All Victor users out there; is he worth maxing for offense? It’s him or dupe Hel for next set of tabards. Wouldn’t go on any def.

Maxed purple 5s are Kunchen, Hel, Seshat, Kage.

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This game rewards variety, so I’m on team Victor. Hel is great, but if you have one, do you really need another? Victor will also be a great counter to Telluria if she is released the way the devs have designed her.

My vote: Victor!

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Thanks :)! Dupe Hel would be awesome for war. Raiding I’m honestly not lacking anywhere, and end up going 4-1 purple red on everything because lazy.

Vic could however work nicely as odd man out in war 4-1 or with Rigard in war 3-2. Hm.


Do you also have proteus? If so, emblem him up and he is almost like Hel except he does DoT instead of instant damage.


I have Proteus. All the wiz emblems belong to Guin though ;). Hel might get some back one day but the protopod will be left wanting.

I’m intrigued by Victors def buff and the combination with direct damage, dot and heal steals. Should come in very handy for field aid. And as you say, variety.

He’s also really good against the Christmas heroes. All the vampires are.


Victor. He could be a really good fast tank for you. You just need him to protect your other heroes long enough to power up and as long as he’s alive, the shield will always be up. Even if they get debuffed, he’ll put them up again in no time. He also leeches on healers so he would be better as offence hero because then you can choose to latch him on healers.

How so? what makes him good particularly against them?

Because his DoT gets around Santa’s ability, it prevents MN from healing herself up completely (you should target her first, so the resurrection won’t be a factor), his vFast mana will reverse Santa’s def down and all the vampires bites work in tandem (if you bite a foe with Valeria and then Victor, it is like Victor bit the same foe twice).


They are not really good against anything at all.
The vampires are the worst designed heroes of all seasonal events , the weakest

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You can use them against field aid and they absorb the healing. They’re also really good against Guinevere and other healers. Victor is great against titans too because of great tile damage.

I ended up maxing Vic and have never regretted it. Pre Telly did all my raids with purple mono and he was MVP there, getting the def buff running just in time. Also awesome as last man standing (should he make it so far… he’s a tad fragile to say the least). Have two maxed Kage now as well but Vic has a special place in my heart and team.

Got Victor at +7 emblems and he is on my strongest and most used attack team.

He has got 4 different abilities. So there is a variety of reasons to use him on different targets.It took me quite a while to learn how to play him right. He is my most complex hero. Everybody claiming he is weak just don’t know how to play him right. He is so versatile.

How to use Victor
  • loading in 6 tiles he can hit several targets to finish them off or stack his DoT up to 206 dmg each round for 5 rounds
  • finish off a target with 200-300 health with direct damage
  • he almost disables Leonidas and Elkanen stealing their self healing
  • he counters Kunchens def down … and any others but Kunchen tanks you see often…just use him after Kunchen
  • his speed is great to finish off tanks with direct damage and DoT before they fire (Telluria) and put up the shields
  • his DoT is great against roques (Marjana, Alice…) who can dodge direct damage but no DoT
  • his DoT is great against healing revivers lurking in corners (MN & Alby)
  • his DoT is great against fighters who revive (Kingston, JoonC, …)
  • his DoT will kill minions (Telluria) which are spawned after his hit but the DoT is still active
  • his healing steal is great against tanks who have HoT (Telluria, Guinevere)
  • he is weak against monks (Joon) who might resist his DoT

Here is a short summarized list of heroes he performs great against:

Telluria, Kunchen, Guinevere, Mother North, Alberich, Marjana(roques), Kingston(fighters), any normal def down, Leonidas, Elkanen, Fenrir

Still think he is weak?

You need to max and emblem him and need mana trooop 11+. Only then you will see his full potential.

@King_Kyree77 I agree, he is great on titans.

@Kitten I updated my post


1 of how many ? an event that has 1 only useful hero is absolutly crap.

Christmas > Sand empires> Easter >>>>> Morlovia.

Valeria is sitting on the bench forever. No way i consider her over costumed blues or season 2 or event blues.

and vlad …well … he makes me laugh.

@Petri re-design this event please

Love his design, even though he doesn’t quite do enough. In light of the new seasonal heroes, a small buff could really make him exciting without being OP, while really leaning into the vampire motif. Just change his DoT to health drain like MLF, and make it also spread his heal-steal to nearby and he is set.

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No guins anymore…just telly…

He works just as well against Telluria, so I’m not too pressed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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