🎃 Return to Morlovia 2019: Valeria – Thoughts & Discussion

@PapaHeavy it was inevitable that it was gonna be said sooner or later. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


She was a problem for me when I was new to the game. So she would be welcome in my collection of heroes with a Glass of Blood. Plus she is very fast, not many heroes can say that.

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@Aunty_Krauser, right!! I just HAD to get it out of the way!!! Impossible to let it wait :joy:


I hope I pull Valeria with my EHTs, but I bet I’ll get the 3* vampire abomination instead…

Speaking of her design (which I like a lot tbh), did you guys notice there’s a small black dot on her left… ummm… shirt? corset? :thinking:

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Anyone have Victor maxed? Don’t see him a lot but he looks pretty good on paper and I have 17 coins EHT… thinking I’ll pull Halloween don’t really like the Xmas heroes

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Will this be like Atlantis and start at the same time? So for UK, it’d start at 8am?

I have him maxed. I still prefer sartana over him.

Victor is very slow killing enemy when u need to rush. Sartana execute enemies better

Yeah ok I get you ( have Morgan Lefay and she’s kinda like that- love her though). It’s just I have wizard emblems and he’s very fast so thought might be a good hero to go for trying to get HOTM as well ( not a big Xmas hero fan)

He he he


Just a few duplicates. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you think you’ll have use for all of them?

I pulled three of her and already had the thoughts to max them all (Have indeed several capes in stock), but would of course appreciate if someone has experience with multiples of her in one team.

Nope, I have too many exciting unique heros to even consider 5 of the same… at least for right now. at a minimum ill do two though

I am finishing Kiril #2 right now. then i will see where She fits into the que (Misaandra, Finley, Triton, Val)


@PeachyKeen has 3 maxed and says the following:

Valeria-- Can take a bit of strategy and setup, but I have maxed 3 and use her on a mono setup with Ariel and Misandra on any tank anywhere on raids.

essentially Arial boosts mana, Misandra adds mana, and three Vals stack damage on damage.


I would 100% prefer Ursena over Victor iMHO

EDIT: you removed your comment (wrong thread im guessing lol)

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yap, wrong thread…

thanks for posting this! very interesting. I have ariel which shall be maxed with the next scope coming in, no misandra although. I think I will start working on val soon and play around a little bit with her in that direction.

I have him maxed and use him in wars.

I am deep in purple so he is behind the likes of Kunchen, Seshat, and Khiona. Mok-Arr is my next one to get tabbards as I wanna play around with him and see if he can be useful. I am actaully leaving Sartana at 70.

Call me crazy but Mok and Wilbur sounds fun to me. Maybe a Proteus for a little control or just go all crazy with Onatel and watch her fry at the end but she would have done her job if we got that far.

@SirGorash, somehow got lucky and pulled her after using 5 of my 43 EHT. 2 Vlad’s, dawa, Oberon, Valeria…Adobe

Rest are for Christmas summons


Well, Valeria stumbled into my roster today. Happy to have her but she may have to wait a while. I just finished maxing Triton today and moved on to some 3*s, Gato then Vodnik. After that I’ll probably go on to a dup Kiril for wars followed by Sonya. She may even have to wait for Miki and Ariel, we’ll see. I want to start on my 5*s, but I’m not in a rush.


I seriously was not trying to get any special heroes, but I did five pulls, and of those, I got one Vlad and one Valeria. I consider the EHTs a win, and have stopped doing pulls for this event. Unless I get another EHT of course. I saved those five for about a month. A long time for me since the number greets me on the home screen every time I go to it.

I was indifferent about Valeria. I like her improved stats though.


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