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When I get Kailani maxed out on my main, I will give the remaining 4 stages a go. That shared damage and extra defense will definitely help since I lack healers.

Advice well taken, it is far easier and am punching above my weight for a change.:slightly_smiling_face:

I finally did it!

It was rough… I attempted the stage where you get epic troop token 2x. I then had to wait 3 days to get more powerful.

I did the last stage twice. The first time I was armed with bombs and axes, the 2nd time I was armed with 5 bombs and 3x dragon banners


I finally did it… It was rough, you were right it took me 3x attempts to finish the epic troop stage and 2x for the final stage.


There’s no other way to gain a HotM until it will be featured in Atlantis almost a year later.


Where do you get 2 ETT?

I finished advanced 15 and the EHT gave me Elkanen (1st 5*) so I’d like to go to the end with a rainbow of Danz +6 Grimm + 6 Kash + 7 Sabina 4.56 and jahangir + 11 (considering on replacing him by Berden + 13)

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Nice job. I am impressed your did it with that team. Keep leveling up, you are going to need it for the Christmas event. The bosses there are much harder then the vampires.

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Not sure why you quoted me for that???

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Because of what and how you said it :smile: Bonus draw. Of course you got them from bonus draw, because there is no other way for those two heroes. You see now? The specification at the end of your phrase, that you got those two from bonus draw is obvious. This is what he meant by that.


No problem at all.
Just forget about it.
Miki and Neith are nice heroes.
Especially Mik is a titan killer.

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Wu Kong is amazing. All I needed was to keep him alive in order for him to turn tiles into torpedoes.

I finally completed the event with these heroes (bombs instead of banner

Didn’t care for Jahangir health because it would have drained my inventory spent all antidotes and bombs and most of the mana potions.

Long battle due to low tile damage (I should have replaced Jahangir with bane)

Tasty 4* hero trainer for sabina

Did anyone press on the pumpkins in your base which are lying on the road? Give it a try!

Just finished it now! Took these mofos and items.



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Anyone else not seeing the seasonal offers icon? Has been showing up until today but not there anymore. New to the forum so won’t let me raise it as a bug

@DarthDa welcome to the Forum!

I’ve sometimes seen people mention that force quitting and reopening the app or restarting their phone seems to fix that.

Have you already tried both of those?

I took his advice too and employed Gunnar for the Job. Luckily there is not dirty job that Rigard can’t cleanse and defence too tanky that Wu can’t penetrate. I was really going to end at the trap tool level if he did not show us that it is possible with around 3000TP

I have 6 gold tickets so far saved up for her. She is incredible I’ll never celebrate xmas if I don’t get her.

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