Return to Molovia is a TREAT

I have to say that This Forum Has enhanced my love for this game. Yes everything isn’t perfect and they’re always will be room to complain, but with that being said there is a lot of good also. I have made it to the final stage of “Return to Molovia and it has been lots of fun. From a previous post on how to beat it with four star heroes and minimal battle supplies I am confident that with the proper strategy I shall succeed in the final level. By receiving the trap tools and of course The Royal Tabbard in level 20 later today I have been able to ascend 2 essential heroes. Amazing what you can accomplish with patience and a positive attitude. Thanks to all the forum members for your help !


Agreed there will always be the lowest hanging fruit. Meaning what ever the biggest gripe is (current lowest hanging fruit) once addressed people will target the next lowest hanging fruit (next perceived issue) it’s just human nature. When you reflectivity look at the issue that is most current you see the issue in comparison to the first lowest hanging fruit is in all actuality really high on the tree.

Alot of gripes are “first world problems. Meaning, in compared to genuine issue are actually superficial. For example a third world issue is " am I going to live today” a first world issue in comparison would be along the lines of “the line at Starbucks is too long.” Everyone thinks his/her problems are so bad untill you look at it in perspective.

In all actuality the SG team has a great product. If there is truely a bug it is addressed fast. They offer content/entertainment for all income levels and because of thier hard work they have a nice player base.


Any complaint about playing a game on a mobile device is a first world problem. But I get what you mean.


Indeed ,Very well spoken!:+1:

100% ageement. Well put.

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