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While playing the last level on advanced I almost had them killed but need to use a time stop so I did and the game froze and wouldn’t let me make my next move. The only thing I could do was flee. Anybody else having this problem?

System has very poor servers

It has NEVER done that in the 2 or 3 years I’ve been playing.

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Maybe you are technologically advanced that you actually use a device that stops time, thus your phone froze :rofl:

No. It was a glitch.

To report this directly to us, please submit a Support request through the in-game Support tool of the affected account: How to Contact Support As instructed there, please provide as much detail as possible. Thank you

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I had exactly the same problem today at least 3 times. However, I noticed that it was only when I wanted to fire Lady Loki. Were you using also a Lady Loki?

There was a fix issued today for lady Loki and her special sometimes missing due to blind that should have been removed, however the fix was rolled back as it caused another unforeseen issue. I suspect it could be this problem? If so it should be fixed by the removal of the other fix

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