Return in battle at the same point, if lost connection; why SG implemented this in Puzzle Combat only?

As the title says, it is true. Last month I tested what happens if I cut Wi-Fi and reconnect after, during a mission. Every time the game returns the progress at the point the player lost connection.

I didn’t open a thread then, because I simply forgot. But I remembered today, while I accidentally left home farming a mission for 100 chest. I lost connection, of course, but when I reconnected the game, guess what… Yep, I was very glad to see I still am at stage 2 and the mission is continuing on.

I must admit, I didn’t tested for PvP battles yet.

But this is very frustrating nevertheless. Why SG would refuse to do something like this in E&P, since is implemented in the other game? This issue was discussed hundreds times over last years. Not to mention this is not the only thing they refuse to implement in E&P, though is implemented in the other game.


Though the idea for a quest for loot tickets is very old already, they didn’t care. But guess what… Yep, in the other game there is scavenge resources II (food, iron and 5 loot tickets at last mission).

Requires a lot of database performance…

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I suspect the other game will partially serve as testing grounds for some of the stuff we would like in this one

Difference is other game has much smaller playerbase requiring much less server load

So easier to test and easier to be succesful

Now i suspect the connection interruption is something they’ll monitor in the other game and once it’s at full release, they’ll see how it holds up as the growth of the playerbase escalates and then see what tweaks they have to make to keep the “pause at lost connection” sustainable then if they can manage to keep it working at x amount of players or some other measurement, they would bring it to this game

At least i hope that’s the case.

Loot tickets in quests could be a test as well to see reception and analyze spending & advancement effects

Much less risk testing new things in the smaller playerbase than this one and probly easier to analyze effects as well

@Scarecrow does C&P have Vip?

Probly should mention that both developer teams aren’t identical so will have different points of view and make different decisions for the 2 different games

I don’t think it’s the equivalent of E&P devs just making an “alt” game but rather splitting off and starting a new game with a new team that includes some old faces

Similar to alliances starting sister alliances, they may be similar in name but can be quite different in function


Yes, they have VIP since the beginning. Btw, I know there are different crews (a staff member mentioned, if I recall), but I bet those programmers are veteran E&P players. And I know this for sure, since the games are almost identical. I give you the best example: let’s take the popular mission 8-7. In both games exp loot is 817 :slightly_smiling_face: I think is pretty obvious they designed the other game based on this one. And I guess not only they are all E&P players, but also I suspect there are few programmers in that crew, who also worked in E&P crew.

About player base, you may be right. Though I don’t think the servers represent a problem for a company which makes millions of dollars profit :wink:

The most annoying thing is my hidden phrase. You know how much and how many times this community requested some elementary things. Why would they care only about that game? Practically, a lots of requests from our community, were implemented already in there. And this is confusing and outrageous, I may add. The community requested the lost connection issue to be solved; already there. We requested quests for troops; already there (since the beginning). We requested quests for loot tickets (already there, since yesterday). And I guess there will be many other things implemented there and not here. Because that game is not even released, we have no wars, tournaments, emblems and so on… Btw, about the emblems. You know there were some ideas and requests regarding these emblems. The rumours say the emblems will be available on heroes after the first ascension. I guess we’ll never see something like this in here. And I expect the other crew to also implement the possibility to reset emblems to a specific node, chosen by the player (like would be normal and requested so many times). Because many of us perhaps we don’t want to strip of emblems the whole path of chosen hero. How hard would this be? Let’s be honest, I love this game, but the devs have no respect for us. They say listen to feedback, but we know better than this. Yeah, they listened and actually implemented the AL and how great is this improvement (let’s thank them again, btw).

Bottom line, I do not understand why this lack of respect for our community and why they care only about the other game. It doesn’t matter there are different crews. Like I said, they are for sure E&P players, otherwise they wouldn’t have copied exactly the most things from E&P.

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Empires was very rushed ( see notes ).

Other MMO do this for PvE content.

In BoH it is even a strategy called “Dungeon banking”. If you have 20 world energy, but no time to play Stage 3 of Trials of Fortitude, you enter stage 3 ( spending your world energy) and leave the game. In that game, world energy restores while you are offline, even if in combat. But energy would not restore if you energy bar is full. So spending 20 world energy let you “bank” it for later. I would love to see “Dungeon banking” in Empires since it helps adults with full time jobs.


Click for notes



Screen cap ; log off - post cap in alliance - get advice on beat move; log back in… ripe for abuse

Can do that now, i click back n forth between the forum, line, and farming all the time without losing progress

Sure once in awhile the game will restart but not commonly

I mean that still could be their reason but if it is then it’s not a good one

This always worked, but not all the time, as you said. I’m talking about losing the connection. Lost because a poor Wi-Fi, because of the server failure or simply accidentally, getting out of range. As far as I know, E&P never restored progress after losing the connection. They didn’t even restore the WE or the flags lost on wars, titans and raids. This forum is full with such complaints.

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Yea i know what u mean that’s why my response wasn’t directly to you lol

Any chance you know the earliest this complaint was filed in the forum?

Last week I saw some complaints about losing connection trying to hit titan or attack at war. Though is a different issue (I have no ideea why this happens and I saw dozens of such complaints), the big problem is the flags are lost as well in most cases. This shouldn’t happen in this game. OK, connection was lost, my fault or not, but at least restore my flag, if you cannot do what you did with Puzzle Combat :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright well i do see 1 issue actually and it’s sorta relevant to where halifax was coming from i believe

What would keep me from turning off my phone in the middle of a bad flag? If it’s the flags you want replaced, i can see why that doesn’t happen outside of a flask for all involved here n there

If they were to bring u back to the point in a battle, then ok the flag redemption cheat is no longer viable

In wars or titans, if the clock hits 0 before you log back in to finish the attack where you left off, how would that work?

Idk, just seems like a pretty tall order to reclaim progress of a battle outside of world map

Seems like 1 solution comes with more problems than it’s solving

Wouldn’t solve anything if they implement the same thing. Your bad flag would be restored at the point you lost connection.

To understand better what I am talking about, watch what I recorded few minutes ago. I left home, out of my connection range, went back after and reconnecting…

L.E. I deleted the video, because my account number was visible during reconnecting. But I guess anyone understood. The progress is restored exactly at the point when connection was lost.

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I don’t have any other ideas for reasons they don’t have it

I mean if server space isn’t an issue, loopholes aren’t an issue, playerbase size isn’t an issue, then no clue

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But isn’t it great what they’ve done there? :slightly_smiling_face:

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