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I made a call from 150 diamonds by mistake. . hero 1 *. . I asked if they could return the gems !! they denied me this !! What good would I have to make a 150-gem call if I’m a level 37? I have all heroes 5 * I spend a lot. . how do you deny me the return?

I’m not sure I understand. My best guess is this:

  • You used 150 gems to do a summon from the normal gate (maybe thinking you had a free daily summon(s) or a summon token).
  • Unsurprisingly, you got a hero / troop you cannot use.
  • You contacted support and asked for a refund.
  • Support declined the request.

If that’s the case, then it’s unfortunate that you made the error, but I think customer service’s response is reasonable. The mistake is on your end, not theirs.


Sorry mate, It’s and unfortunate mistake but i am afraid you’ll just have to take that loss. SGG does not give refunds on summons, no matter the circumstanse. If they started giving refunds that would just lead to everyone wanting their gems back everytime they are unhappy with their summon.


it was thought to have 3 tokens instead I had 2! I did not need heroes or troops! it was by mistake !! I did not have an advantage even if he gave me a 3 * !!

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Yep, so you made a mistake. I think we’ve all done that one. I am sorry to hear it and I feel your pain. But I do not think support has any obligation to undo this.


@AntonioGui, I hear you, We all do. It sucks. I been there… We all have, Some worst than others… Is a lost cause. Let it go.


I was collecting heroes from TC2 and tap tap tap tap… oops… because TC20 was directly above the TC2, I fast forwarded a TC20 training before and lost 800 gems because of it.

That was my mistake, certainly not something I would do intentionally (for that many gems), but definitely not SG’s fault.


I’ve accidentally summoned from the normal gate. It was very annoying. OP has my sympathy. Can’t see that the gems should be returned, though.


fact is if I had any advantage I could understand the denied return! but I could not have any advantages under any circumstances !! now it’s gone;)

tap carefully, my friend.

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If everyone could get gems back for a summon they didn’t want, everyone would have the best heroes.

Actual transcript of my call with SG (Disclaimer: This is not an actual transcript of anything)

ME: “Hello? SG Support? Hi… yes… PeachyKeen @ Helios here.”
SG: “what?”
ME: “Yea…so… I did this pull–totally by accident you see… I didn’t mean to spend 10x summons on this event. was tappy-tapping super fast, you know how it goes. Anyway… so I was wondering… I didn’t really benefit from it, per se… only for 10 3* including BANE of all characters… ell-oh-ell, amirite? So… anyway mistakes were made, wrong things were tapped… could you refund my 2600 gems? If it’s better for you, you can take those heroes back. I kept them just in case. They’re food for my heroes anyway.”
SG: “…No.”
ME: “Are you sure? I’ve spent a lot of money intentionally… I just didn’t really mean it this time.”
SG: “…No.”
ME: “Well that’s not really fair, is it? C’mon… I’ll be your best friend…”
SG: “I have plenty of friends. This is a non-refundable and SG is not res----”
ME: “–waitwaitwaitaminute… how can you hold me responsible for what my own, personal fingers do?”
SG: “…I…yuhh… Is there umm… anything else I can help you with?”
ME: “Answer the question.”
SG: “Sell your soul to me. Then they become my fingers.”
ME: “Done. I’ll email you a receipt. Now can I get 2600 gems back?”
SG: “Still no. I am sorry. If there’s nothin el—”
ME: “Waitiwait… I’m not finished… you know I’m gunna post on the forum about this later… and you really don’t want me posting negative things”
SG: Sound of the headset banging onto a hard surfaceand laughter in the distance
ME: “uhhello?”
SG: suddenly clears throat “Ohh… uah… yeah.” gasps for air “I apologize. my headset just slipped off my ear. just like that. What were you saying?”
ME: “Just like that, huh? sounded like you heard something funny. I wasn’t laughing.”
SG: “Just like that” swallows another chuckle “You win the prize for the best call of the day.”
ME: “Do I get my 2600 gems back?”
SG: “Maybe. Let me scroll back through our chat logs…hmmmmmm… bear with me… nope, sorry. despite your growing entertainment value and threats to join the multitudes of discontented spenders on the forums… SG does not refund gems unless it is a technical glitch.”
ME: “It was a technical glitch.”
SG: “Between your brain and your finger maybe”
ME: “What was that?? are you fu—”
SG: “–nnnNothing nothing. Please don’t complain on the forums. Ahem. So… is there anything else?”
ME: “Okay, what about the ethical nature of your company exploiting human psychology through gatcha techniques that use pretty pictures to disguise abysmal odds.”
SG: “Oh, we have come wayyy too far for us to start talking any kind of sense… why start now?”
ME: “This isn’t over”
SG: “wanna bet?” raucous laughter "oh–oops. PSSSHHH bad connection LINE GOES DEAD
ME: “hullo?”


brah it’s 150 gems… lesson learned to be more careful and move on

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There is an advantage. a 3* feeder hero or a 3* feeder troop might well be worth 150 gems to someone.

You got to see the result of the summon, had a chance to decide it was worthless, and then contacted support to see if they would undo it.

They have no way of knowing if this was an actual mistake by you, or a strategy to try to improve your odds of a good feeder. So they have a simple policy that removes the guesswork: no refunds on summons ever.

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Accidentally did the 10x pull from the daily summon. Well, actually my butt did it when I was putting my phone in my pocket. I feel your pain @AntonioGui.


Yea. We all made mistakes before. Unfortunately, this is not the developer’s fault. Consider this a lesson learned.


Sorry I laughed. This is just too funny.

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Yes, well, I felt like a mASSive failure. Feel free to laugh at my misfortune. :wink:


So what happened? Did you forget to lock your phone before you put it in your pocket?

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Precisely. 1200 gems down the toilet. I did not even get a 3*. The sound was on low and I heard the whoosh of the gate…again…and again…and was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And then :sob:


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