Retrieved Google Play Balance is incorrect!

I want to get the 30 day VIP pass but my google play account balance is not correct.
When I try to get the pas it says that my account is € 0,22 so I cannot make the purchase.
On the next page, it states the correct amount, €50,22.

I already tried rebooting my tablet, that doesn’t help.
Please fix this!

Just tried making a purchase in another game, retrieving the balance goes fine there.

you must disable ask password in google play, so that the balance in the game is automatically updated

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Nope, I just tried it but that doesn’t help.
It wouldn’t make sense because this game had no problem with it before and other games have no problem either.

Thanks for trying to help me.

Issue is solved, I now get the appropriate balance and can order VIP.
Thanks for the quick resolution.

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Did they fix it off a support ticket? Do you know what was changed? (Thinking about any others who might have the same problem)…

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How do I do that love?!

I do not know what was done, and by who it was done. I just tried to get VIP again and suddenly it worked. I never encountered this behaviour before (not in this game or anywhere else) so I do not know what was the problem in the end.

I am just very pleased that I worked in the end. Got two builders doing their thing now.

You do that in the play-store on your mobile device.

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I have the same issue and Google play authentication is off.

I have a similar problem, I can pay using my visa card (via Google play) in other games, but for this game my credit card keeps getting denied.

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