Retribution: different versions

Revenge raids why can i not revenge it says opponent is using different system, if thats so how did he attack me and take my cups 41 of them yet i cant give retribution?

Just wait for the update to finish and then revenge.

Thanks for that Eries i was wondering what kind of version it meant. Greatly appreciated assassin

I believe there is a vulnerability that Players are taking Advantage of in raids. Revenge not available due to players still being online, also ones that are available I noticed are 500 to 700 team power points less, yet they still won. I lost over 400 trophies in a short time. I have rarely, if ever, won a raid against an opponent with a higher team power.

That’s because you do not form your attack team right.

Using color stacking for a month now and I can consistently beat +300-500 TP opponents and offset the numerous attacks I get during the night.

Try it out and you’ll see. Just pick players that have weak color tank vs your strongest 2x color and matches that are +50/-11. You will win 40-50% of the time but your trophy count will steadily go up.

Also, winning a higher trophy player will give you more loot than him attacking you.

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