Retraining 5* heroes absolutely useless!

And anyway, it’s not just level 10 that’s the problem. Whoever thought, then insisted upon, HA levels which train only vanilla 3* and 4* heroes needs to be suspended over a pile of :cow: :poop: for a very long time. Then the inability to create new 4* troops, the inability to deal with mass dupes…

When they eventually got around to fixing AL they did a good job and listened to the original criticism. I’m not optimistic HA will ever be revamped. If it is perhaps it will be promoted to :hippopotamus: :poop: instead


This is indeed :cow: :poop:

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In the beginning I was anxious to see the results,after the every week disappointment I now collect Domitias,I have eight, hahahaha

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I got Morgan La Fey on my 1st retrain. She is the only nonS1 I have gotten. 25 weeks later, all S1 heroes… but i also got my first Sartana, Joon, Elkanen, and Quintus. Waiting on Azlar to complete my S1 set. Sartana and Joon were most wanted.


Alchemy lab is actually great. Not that I have it yet, but the benefits are obvious.

Even if you don’t spend any gems on it, running only 1B, 4B and 6B (I think?), you will get a sufficient amount of basically free emblems or 3*/possibly 4* mats.

If you want to invest the gems you make in-game in the AL, the emblems/mats benefits increase since 10A is a very good option in that case for only 100 gems per week. Many people complain about having rosters full of 1/1 or 3/70 5*, yet they stubbornly pull more and more for gems, instead of utilizing those gems in the AL for the possibility of more 4* mats and emblems to ascend and emblem their existing 5*.

Hero academy is great, but most people think its best use is running the Legendary retrain. Which is not so. IMO the first and foremost thing HA should be used for is retraining 4* troops and maxing existing 4* troops.

I can see Legendary retraining being a thing only after you max a sufficient amount not only of 4*, but also of 3* and 2* troops.


F2P Snipers

It is also good for getting Classic 5* Snipers if F2P or

if want multiple copies of Marjana / Leonidas after getting the costume


Click for rant


From a player friendly point of view, the most rage is generated by

finally getting a limited availability hero

already having a duplicate of the limited availability hero

the duplicated hero is still at 5* 1.1 because it does not work well in your Roster, or there are other better heroes stuck at 5* 3.70 waiting for materials ( or in the future limit breaker items )

Not wanting to dispose of the two copies at 5* 1.1 because they may get buffed like Atomos

Looking at the duplicate repeatedly in the future




33 re-trainings and only one non-S1 hero, Mok-Arr and he’s a duplicate :man_facepalming:

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27 refrainings so far.
Me got Guin.
Not bad.
If i remember correctly, three of them came within 15 retainings. After that Nada😂.
And me got my first Azlar as well.

I quit counting after the first ten with just more heroes to recycle. It has been a monumental waste for me considering the time for building/research and now the recycling.

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21 Training so far,… got 2x non S1: Gregorion and Rumpelstiltskin, not bad.

In my case, I was paused for about 2 month after my 6th training in HA10, and I want to focus completing mana troop minimum 3-4x mana troop on each color. So I research HA9, then retrain some of troop until I get all of the leftover mana troop, specially yellow mana troop.
For leveling troops, I was stanby in HA6 continue and forever.

So now, my setup is HA6 and HA10, maybe until I get some of significant heroes like: Frida, Arthur, Athena, Tarlak, GM, Hel, Kage, Mitsuko, so it means for me forever :man_shrugging: :wink: :crossed_fingers:


Same here, it become Iron Bank.


Common guy’s, how do you think they will change the mechanism to provide more good heroes than :poop: hero’s?? Do you think they are stupid?? And another thing if they will change the mechanism to provide more good hero’s how they will get planty of money?? Those things never change. The game made to force you to push your credit card is it not vice versa

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As with anything ruled by that harsh mistress known as RNG some will be on the good side of luck and others on the poor side.

For everyone that’s done 50 and got nothing there’s someone who has had 3 from the first 10 and thinks HA is the best thing they ever did.

Personally I don’t need to run it so I have no data to add but the core concept is the equivalent of chucking a dog a half chewed bone. It’s better than nothing but not a lot…


The economy is about as bad as for TC20 spend 20-25M food and 10-12k recruits and get a Quintus.
So I gave up on TC20 and store stuff elsewhere.
First retraining I got Marjana which I did not have. So that was ok. Still don’t have Thorne, Magni (and Horghall and Obakan but who needs those). So I might keep it running until I have the two blue, but then the economy is questionable or worse.
Better wate resources on a few pulls and eat the dupes. Sigh.

@peki57 If the math is correct u have a ~73% chance of obtaining a non S1 5* in half a year (26 draws).

After one year the chances are ~93%, so then i would start arguing over bad luck.

But dont worry, I have the same problem, the only thing that keeps my hopes alive is screenshots of other players achievements , seeing that it is still possible haha


I also run by 6 months and not geting any non-S1 hero.
I don`t understand that game based on luck. One getting 100, and one none :slight_smile: that is a very bad system.
I have one friend, pull 6 or 7, 2 weeks and again one coming.

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So far I’ve got a pill of uninspired vanilla heroes.
Who went back immediately like a boomerang 🪃😳

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Got Onatel in December, so hoping that lightning will be striking again soon. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but it is relatively “harmless” to my plans.

I would not say it is absolutely useless. It definitely takes a lot of time, patience, and most importantly, LUCK. I pulled two Onatels from my HA10 over 3 weeks: Onatel - Obakan - Onatel.

As a ftp I was very shocked and happy with this result. Maxed both Onatels asap and now I do not fear all the purple tanks as much.


If 60 million food per year with a small chance of getting something you don’t already have then go for it! For me, it’s probably under 2% chance of getting a hero I don’t have. And of those, most aren’t better than what I’ve got already (they’re weak).

That means it’s way under 1% chance of getting a hero I want, that would improve my roster.

So, doesn’t seem like the best use of time & food when I’ve got plenty of other decent 5* & troops waiting for the food.

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