Retraining 5* heroes absolutely useless!

I had been using the academy for more than half a year retaining 5* heroes every week and is always the same. You always get another hero from the training camps, NEVER get an special hero, that they say is a percentage of possibility, NEVER! And more of 6 months, 4 weeks a month is more than 25 times. NEVER!!! Is it another lie from smallgiantgames? Patience has a limit!!! Please change this absolutely useless and traumatic freak!!


Well, it’s 5% probability :slight_smile:

There’s many screenshots of good heroes coming out of the Academy - Gravemaker, Ariel, Mitsuko etc.
It works as intented.
To use it or not - it’s your decision =)


It is not a great mechanism for sure. Expensive and long wait times. But it is not expected to produce more than 2 non-S1 5* a year with the odds it has.

I got one on my fifth retraining. I’m not expecting another for 30 or so.


Agreed, it’s the biggest pile of :cow: :poop: that they’ve ever released. They’ve been informed of this countless times from the very start so I guess that’s just how they want it, players be damned.


Because they still want you to spend money on pulls so of course your not going to get want you want from academy


If you think it is useless don’t do that spare resource somewhere else :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


AFAIK the chance of a non-s1 5* hero is 5% so 1 in 20 odds. So 0 in 25 is a little below expected but well within the realm of possible. Personally I got lucky and pulled Poseidon and Margaret as my 4th and 6th retrains but nothing since in the dozen or so re-trainings since. It’s better than nothing but not by much. I never expected high odds when it’s a 1 for 1 trade in without a gem cost. That would just be too good. It would have been nice if they let you feed multiple 5*s and got a 5% chance per hero or something like that. Both to give us something to do with dupes and also to make it more than a rare occurrence to get something good. As a F2p or C2p player any chance at something good helps but it’s not a lot.


Worse even than Alchemy Lab?

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The emblems and possible ascension material from the alchemy lab are preferable in my opinion


I know the feeling, I’ve gotten a few vanillas I didn’t have but nothing else; oh and I’ve done 27.

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Hey, I’ll accept HA10 is rubbish but let’s not drag AL into this. Version 2 Alchemy Lab is one of the best things available. May not be perfect but for me it’s makes a massive difference.


Well, TBH I haven’t looked at Alchemy Lab in a while. It fell completely off my radar after initial release. I guess I’ll have to check out what V2 is all about.

Yeah after reading the forums and chatting with alliance mates, I stopped HA at L7 so I could generate Trainer Heroes. I’d rather build the heroes I have than deal with the frustration of L20 (but that’s just me :grin:).

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Thanks HA

What’s the alchemy lab good for?
A nice hand cramp or blowing gems…


I use Alchemy Lab as a factory to make me Mini-mana, mana pots & axes. I burn through these each event and ingredients like midnight roots, Grimoire dust and hardwood lumber were running dangerously low before I got my AL set up to really help.

HA I do the exact same thing. I run 4 & 6. Not even researched HA10. No interest in wasting my food in that.

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So a nice hand cramp then :joy:

Yeah… I regret leveling HA past 6.
I took it to 9 for some reason that completely escapes me…
The trainers might be ok but… I barely keep up with my four TC’s.

The amount of iron building it
The amount of ham for research
Further resource & material for recipes
And the amount of time tapping…
I’d rather farm the material than tap on one more recipe in the AL. But I already spent tons of resources so I feel trapped in the worst experience of my life…

It’s hardly a game changer.
Unless you count distaste

We are going a little off topic but the below is my AL. I hammer Atlantis as well but pushing events burns through items and your ingredients go from healthy reserves to depleted very very quickly. Simple things like leather strips and large bones suddenly become massive pinch points. So for me AL fills in a big gap.

HA I built to 10 to run 2 things but never had any expectations to run anything bar 4 & 6. So they are all I have researched. I have the food storage maxed so I could research 10 but right now that just looks like a dead end decision. I’ve stopped keeping Duplicates now as well. Just got a couple on the off chance I ever go F2P and want all the excitement followed by disappointment of trying for new heroes…

Back on-topic, if HA10 gives me 2 non-S1 5* a year that will double my average over my first three years playing. I consider that not insignificant.


I’ve gotten a Frida, 1st Lianna, and 1st Justice and been running it about 2 months.
I’m content.


The odds admittedly are terrible, but it’s not completely useless. I have to date gotten two special heroes in Lady Locke (who is a critical part of my green team) and Neith (who I haven’t gotten around to leveling).

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