Retiring the completely useless TC13


TC20 is definitely far more lucrative. I started a 2nd account and am skipping right past TC13.
FWIW, I reset the TC20 odds tracking spreadsheet as there is some suspicion SGG may have changed the odds with the release of season 2. We had 3500 data points for season 1, so we know the odds there. For season 2, we only have 164 data points so far, too low to draw any conclusions, but here’s where we are at so far.



Have you seen a Japanese TV serial called Monkey Magic ? You have a priest, pig monster ( Pigsy ), monkey king ( Sun Wukong ), fish monster ( Sandi ).


haha no, it seems to be…japaneese in style, they’re pretty funny, i’m going to take a look at this :wink:


Great Sage equal to heaven !


Man dont give up,i have 2tc13 running 24/7 while my third is on the way to 20(17atm),in some 2 months nothing then in some 4 weeks starts to spit out all 4’s,trouble is there are only BLUE&RED 4’s backuped by my only 5 ,aegir(sigh),so just let it roll,u will get something eventually


I had an excess of recruits and a lack of swords or packs, so i decided to dump them into my tc13. 2 days later…drum roll…

My training camp is at 16 right now and im currently almost to enough iron to upgrade my stronghold to 17…grinding my way there!


So, again, i tried a tc13 run as I’m waiting for my stronghold to get to 20. (Currently have 2 more days till 18)

This dude pops up wAaay too often for me. I dislike him so much i have fed every single one away!


I have never done a single TC 13 and never will. TCs have been running TC11 non stop since I got that level.

Feeders are more valuable!