Retiring the completely useless TC13

Going to retire my TC13 as it just, well, sucks. Here is my results after 46 attempts:
5 Hawkmoon
5 Nashgar
3 Azar
2 Friar Tuck
2 Isshtak
2 Carver
2 Berden
3 Ulmer
3 Karil
6 Valen
2 Prisca
2 Oberon
1 Balthazar
2 Tyrum
2 Dawa
3 Gan Ju
1 Kailani

sigh Not a single 4* hero. My SH20 is about to start building and I need to catch up one of my TCs to level 20 so I can start the week of research when ready for TC20.


Yes most players will have done the same I never got one from tc13 either

I got two 4* from TC13 but I didn’t run it that long. TC20 has even better odds of 4* like 20% vs the 5% ish of TC13 and TC20 also has 5% chance of 5* so much better investment.


You did well to hang in there for so long. I gave up after about seven, of which 3 or 4 were Renfeld. Closed it down and raced to TC20. Where my first pull was… Renfeld! Lol


I got Rigard duplicate, Chao, Grimm, Kiril duplicate, Little John, Sabina and Skittleskull from 2 TC 13s since May. I have 5 days until TC20 is built.

I was fortunate. I ran two simultaneously and got a clutch of decent 4* - Scarlett, Kiril, Boril, Colen, Caedmon, Wu, Rigard

Formally I was mad about having my TC 20. I had two Training running constantly and it gave me many 4 and 5s. But recently not anymore. I started to keep all the heroes I got from one Training and closed the other. I had 22 (so over a month) Trainings so far and it gave me just two 4s and 20 3s. Formally the odds should be arround 5% to get a 5 but my data looks completely different. Would be nice if devs could publish the odds as they did for summons.

TC 13 help me so much before i get my TC20…! scarlett, kashrek, rigard, cyprian, liu xu…

but my dream is WuKong. Give me this monkey. Make a special event like " Planet of the ape Day " :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I ran TC13 while I upgraded another TC to level 20. That meant I ran TC13 for a couple of months. In that time, I got at least a few 4*, and I remember I got Grimm on my second or third pull. It is possible, you just have to stick with it.

Incidentally, the likelihoods for pulling 3, 4, and 5* heroes from TC20 were well established here in the forum, and given enough time, my own personal stats mirrored their findings nicely. They indicated that there was a solid 5% chance of pulling a 5*, so 1 in 20 pulls. Of course, RNG being what it is, that could be 2 in 40 or 3 in 60 or whatever. After nearly 100 pulls, I had a clear deficit in 5*—and then Leonidas showed up and righted the ship. i have no doubt that continuing to run the 2 TC20s that I’ve been running will occasionally drop a 5* now and then.

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Did you register the training results of the last two month as well?
Curiouse as my alliance and me are quite sure that it has changed now.

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I started 2.5-3 months ago…was running two TC13s simultaneously for a short while (enough for the 46 attempts). It just never paid off for me. I’m moving on and going to level a TC up to TC20 while I use the other two for the extra cheap training and low level feeder training.

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I love TC20! I got four if those gems! I did a fair amount of TC20 training! As you might guess! I got a fair amount of 5* heroes! Not a single one of them from TC20! :smiley:

Edit: That said - I got a lot of 4* heroes from TC13. A lot.

TC13… Something that I haven’t used for a while ever since I have 2 x TC20s starting in July. I wouldn’t say they were totally useless to me. In March I was still relatively new, and I was leveling things up relatively evenly. So I was really excited to finally got my SH to 15 and then TC to 13. That’s then at the suggestions of veteran players that I should really focus on TC20 for the long term.

So that’s when the road to SH20 starts and along the way I also needed to update my Iron Storage (for the SH20 stockpile), and Food Storage (for the eventual TC20 research stockpile). So why did it take me until July? I am C2P and did not use VIP Pass for the 2nd builder.

While the SH/IS/FS were upgrading, I’ve got 2 TC13 working for me. Back then there was no War Opt-Out feature so I was also building a bench heroes. Having TC13 helped me fulfill a lot of that goal where I was able to get a lot of the 3* heroes fully leveled. Most of my 4* at the time came from Hero Tokens (Melendor, Kelile, Li Xiu), and through TC13, I was able to get Gormek, Colen, Cyprian (plus duplicates of Melendor and Kelile). The percentages aren’t high, but they did come through for me occasionally.

TC13 might see its usefulness dwindled, but it really depends on where your base is.

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I didn’t track my TC13 at all, but I have been tracking my TC20 with great detail since early June. For me, the 75% 3*/20% 4*/5% 5* is holding true. At least, at present!

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I pull a few WuKong when I started this game, his stat were so poor , i feed a bunch of them to joon, now i trying to get 6 for wars

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mouarghhhh give me one…:monkey:

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I wish I can, can use 3 for AW. But u never know , we might have trading center in the near future.

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haha yes, if one day we can trade, i’m full of gormek, a pig VS a monkey…it should be a good deal…:hugs:

I’ve been pretty lucky with my one TC13. My SH is upgrading to 17 now and I had stopped TC13 training after getting TWO 4* Heroes.


I was lucky enough to get Boldtusk on my first attempt.

And nothing since (2 x TC13 running 24/7 for the last 3 weeks). In two weeks I’ll start switching to TC20…
Buuuuuuuut, I still have my hopes up!

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