Retiring from the 2600 grind

Alright this is helpful info. I’m leveling Shesat now and already have Sabina and Proteus w/ emblems so I will start doing this. Right now, have only a 2-stack purple to use

I use Hel, Seshat, Kunchen against Onatel and Guin.

Seshat is my only maxed Purple 5*, so Proteus and Sabina it is. Would love to use big sis/bro Hel and Kunchen, but I don’t have them…

Yep. Agreed. The only time I have issues is when she flanks someone and I get a bad board. Tossing tiles charged her and then she spins up… then bad things happen

Ps I don’t know if this is normal but I had about 4-5 elemental chests in the last month. Huge contribution to my gem total.

Either SG is being more generous or this is a purple streak.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1

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Its not! Just lucky :joy:.
Check it here


Thanks @Rfm

I used to monitor the forums everyday for info like this… but then I took an arrow in the knee.


We’ve been clubbing together to donate our elemental chests to you, so you don’t leave :sob:

There’s a GoFundMe page and everything.

We love you man.


Source? (Not asking to try to say you’re wrong. I just would love to see that data!)

Hummm this i think!


Edit/ - quote link didn’t work…

This is a quote where I saw the info

“Of course a lot of it is opinion. We all talk about Guin being the best tank and then SG releases data that shows Boss Wolf has a higher win percentage.”


Which was based on the SG graphic


Yer, that’s a rare official SG stat.

Was a big surprise.


Oh, rats, I was sorta (stupidly) hoping it’d be dynamic/real-time. But thanks all three of you for the info!


I can’t get ascension items for most of mine… I wait months literally, have at least 6 ready. Another interesting thing I have noticed. I don’t get troops very often… my husband gets them all the time, not so much heros when he plays… So it’s really interesting how this game is very random… I still think my account is jinx because I used to get heros of the month, decent pulls.

Wow I just did my 10 pull and all I got was Bauchan. I mean it’s still pretty cool but the last two or three months just flashed before my eyes lol.

That’s life.


Until next time Grazul.

@Rigs @zephyr1 @Garanwyn


Bummer, but congrats on Bauchan, at least. I’m really hoping for him.

My one pull so far from my first 10 Challenge Coins was Prisca.

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I got Prisca from my second free challenge coin too.

Brienne was my first lol.

Hope you get what you are after @zephyr1

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My summary and experience of E & P as a Free to Play can very much be summarised in one line.

The 5 stars come when you don’t expect it and they refuse to come when you are expecting it.

My only two HOTM (Drake and Zimkitha) have come after I was not expecting anything, I just made a random pull each time and they came up.

The thing is since then I have been expecting lol and true to form nothing has happened on the HOTM or event summon front.

Back to the TC20 drawing board!!!


In a brief moment of weakness I was tempted to buy more gems until I saw how expensive they actually are

$47 is like… Three or four second hand classics for the PS3. Ouch. Can’t afford.


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