Retiring Events or Quests

So we’re now kinda just mindlessly moving about in the game with the cluttered scheduling and sudden change-ups with certain events and quests that it kinda makes me curious.

Is there any particular events or quests that the community kinda don’t care for or would not bat an eye if SGG was to, out of the blue, scrap/abandon?

I kinda expect to see a Challenge Festival III down the line, assuming not even the latest Carnival of Gods drew in enough revenue to justify it existing at all. It’ll fit in with the Pets and the Gargoyles and would save them the trouble of doing another, fourth set of Challenge Events with convoluted skills/passives that extend battles by 2 minutes.

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I’ve wondered whether War of 3 Kingdoms might go away once they’ve released as many heroes as they’ve planned or intend to. They’ve haven’t made changes that active participants have requested regarding when flags are released, unused flags and how points are rewarded. They’ve not even encouraged Wo3K flag use as part of Path of Giants. So it’s left me thinking that Small Giant may not want to put in effort to make improvements if this event may get replaced with something new that will help them be able to introduce a lot more new heroes.


War of three kingdoms is just a mess to be honest.

And since SG confirmed that it wasn’t one of their priorities to overhaul then for me personally I wouldn’t mind if it was scrapped…

Just my two pennies worth


Monster Island is more fun than W3K. Id rather see that event repeated regularly.

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Idk why there’s an ‘impossible’ tower section that doesn’t give any rewards. You get rewards from the basic levels, but not the super hard ones that take way more time/items? Doesn’t make sense, or make me want to complete the levels for nothing.


Been around since 2019 (after Zynga bought SGG). Policy is pretty much portal first, event is an after thought, and this policy has become more obvious with time.

Have yet to see any event scrapped or abandoned to date. The non-performers (revenue wise) are “upgraded” (Example: Dunes to Beach Party) or “pooled” to create a Carnival-like event (CFI and II), that includes a new attraction with each iteration.

It’s pretty much 2 portals per week now. Three sometimes.

Back to your question: W3K or any of the towers/AQ.

Don’t see those being removed from the event calendar though cos those event heroes will need to be shifted to another portal first. Events can go but heroes stay in circulation once released.


I know the Event you meant to say here because what a thought, that Dunes, indeed, got their entire map wiped out for a Seasonal Event. (I don’t disagree though. Replace all S1 heroes in Beach Party Portal with Dunes!)

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I also don’t disagree with W3K already being something that’s retired. It does feel like they’ve abandoned that after it went Global, minus maybe one “update” to it and the Journey Heroes.

I’ve also never been invested in Tower Events outside maybe Styx, and even with that, it’s because the Tower’s “curse mechanic” isn’t really a curse mechanic and what would have been it is just another bomb tile that gives boosted health. Heroes are fine, though I think they’re more threatening as bosses here than they are outside (i.e. I don’t think I’ve seen one go off or instant kill in raids or wars). Too much work for 100 coins too.

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What about mystic titan? I’m not in a top alliance, so seems to me that fighting something that won’t die is pointless. It could disappear I’m my opinion and it wouldn’t change a thing game wise.


I’ve also kinda went “meh” about that too. Weirdly, the only time every month guildmates spend money to give the same Hunter’s Lodge items though. (Prefer the share the gems offer that comes around twice a year.) The only “good” is just the emblems because EHTs seem to only be possible if you’re the Top 1% or Rank 1 alliance.

I would not mind if the alliance quests were scrapped!
Move Pirates from CF1 to CF2, use the Knights from Clash of knights (2 stages) in CF1 instead. Use the Musketeers (2stages) together with Pets and Gargoyles to form a CF3, move the masked gods to CF3 after 2nd or 3rd repeat too.
Convert the Alliance quest coins in Challenge event coins.
Instead of the Alliance wuest lets have an improved Monster island every 2nd month. It does not hurt to have W3K once a month, it vosts very lithle time and no items, basically free loot.

Happy gaming


Would love to see all the “common” and “uncommon” quests redone to make them other than simple placeholders.

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SG will NOT abandon any work which cost time and money. They will just ‘build’ upon / rework / fix / rejuvenate it to ‘squeeze’ more money.

At this point the game is a hit and miss. The blunder of heroes / specials / quests / chaos brings more and more bugs and ilogical game mechanics / marketing / strategy / etc (including bad developers) and moving forward with a losing % regarding profit


I’d like them to retire the “revamped” costume challenge and go back to the original one. It’s still coded in the game, as we recently saw.

Aside from that, the alliance quests are bad. 1 single free pull, no chests.

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I absolutely agree with you that the monthly calendar is cluttered and scrapping some less-loved quests would be a good idea. War of the 3 Kingdoms seems like an obvious one to scrap. It’s a nice concept, but it’s disappointing that the winning team is merely the team that wastes less flags. I love the different sense of teamwork in Monster Island but the loot last time was dreadful! Also the titans on the island are too tough. I find the mythic titan quite dull, so I would vote for scrapping 3K and mythic titans. That would be a bit less cluttered :slightly_smiling_face:

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