Retire Shrikewood - Time for a Lagoon Atlantis Quest

It is high time to retire this Season 1 Quest, and replace it with a Season 2 themed quest.

Just as Mount Umber should be replaced by an Atlantis volcano quest, Shrikewood should be replaced with a lush green area like those with the poisonous mist.

Suggested rewards should include Atlantis coins.

EDIT: An upgraded version of this Quest would be a juicy opportunity to give Toxicandra a quest of her own where she is the main boss.

So I don’t really see the need/ value in changing it. I don’t pay attention to who the monsters are in it.

Change it to whatever background/ icons you like so long as I’m still getting my 4star ascension mat at the end I don’t care. The real improvement would be to just let skip to the last level


They retired the pirate Quest and the Alice in wonderland Quest and the Grimm Brothers stories Quest.

So why not retire the bland season 1 quests?


I think that SG could do something to refresh those old quests, why not. And it would be great if they also gave S2/S3/S4 coins, but I’m afraid that will only happen over SG’s cold dead body. :wink:


I can see the AMA answer now:

“We would love to do this, but it is not a high priority right now”


“…but it’s something we do hope to work on at some point in the future.”

Nobody knows what “near future” or “some point in the future” means… Can be a week or a year.


Although maybe not in this temporal/line future.

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I auto play the levels… Harder is fine… Provided they give me something extra in return.

Well, there go another three quests that small giant has retired;

The god-awful circus Quest with its absolutely hideous characters.

The ugly-as-hell slayers and their quest.

And the ultra confusing villains Quest.

So again I must ask, why aren’t the shrikewood quest and the dark valley Quest and the mount umber Quest retired and replaced yet?

They are of value to newer and/or F2P players who can’t auto farm them (or only some levels) or need mats and are not willing to pay for them.


They’re pretty much of value to everybody but the most whalish of the whales. I personally ALWAYS need 4* mats. Don’t do anything to take away the one guaranteed source of them!

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Because this are quests for advanced beginners.

You seriously think that the hypothetical replacement Quest will not have those?

We F2P players can get them just fine but frankly I am bored of there not being any variety of quests despite the fact that we are overcrowded with all these new Heroes.

We are years late for a quest that touches on season 2 instead of sticking to just season 1.

Over’s SG dead body😂

I wasn’t sure because you started talking about alternative rewards — I guess you just meant additional rewards.

I have no problem with them changing the “skin” on these things. But I don’t think they can change them significantly without hurting newer players.

Of course I meant additional rather than alternatively. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are in need of these rare materials but we could also go for some Atlantis coins because the Atlantis Rises event doesn’t provide anywhere near enough.

Especially given how frequently our Atlantis coins get wasted giving us classical Heroes which are obsolete because SG refuses to get them adopted into the currently existing families or have new families create to accommodate them.

An upgraded version of this Quest would be a juicy opportunity to give Toxicandra a quest of her own where she is the main boss.