Retire Mount Umbar - time for Atlantis volcano

Since the pirate and wonderland quests have been retired, then I say it is time to retire some of the Season 1 Quest as well such as this Mount Umbar.

It is time to get our rings of power made in a different volcano that is located in Atlantis.

During season 2 we walked by a volcano just before we enter the city of Atlantis and I’m frankly amazed that the quest story never actually took us to that volcano.

There need to be quests that have us revisit the older places such as Atlantis.

And we need to plug up the plot hole that left us wondering whether or not Mitsuko survived. She was wounded when we last saw her and Vivica was giving her medical attention.

Plus I am tired of Richard saying that he is wagering his own boots. :grin:

But he’s always right, that’s why he still has boots.


would be nice to have Mitsuko return and give Kage his comeuppance…

… and I am also fighting for an S4 revisit when Elizabeth comes back to get revenge on Moreau :stuck_out_tongue:


I practically auto play the last levels of the rare quests… I wouldn’t mind a harder final level option where you get a 4* ascension item and maybe… 100k ham chest… 3 small lb balls… Something interesting.

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I thought Kage was destroyed.

I figure the perfect plot for the quest would be a samurai uprising. There are those that are loyal to the memory of their fallen master and there are those that are loyal to her.

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Sounds a bit like my panda bear village Quest idea that I presented a year ago.


Indeed, as well as give some story to the lesser members of the Sakura family.

I thought Kage killed Mitsuko.

How about if they even made a difficult level in season one. They COULD introduce new characters .

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This game has way too many characters as it is right now.

Too many characters and very few that ever get their own story.

The classical season 1 Heroes have their own story potential and can quite easily be adopted into the various families that already exist.

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When we last hear of her, Vivica is giving her medical attention.

This opens up a good opportunity to have her return in a quest or two that takes place back in Atlantis or the archipelago that surrounds it.


they can always have Alberich or someone come and resurrect her :wink:

I think we should revive that idea again.

Except Vivica was tending to her when we last saw her.

Good for Mitsuko then! Now Elizabeth on the other hand…

Still working on thinking up a quest for her.

Unlike Mitsuko, Elizabeth actually died during the underwild adventure. The narrative actually says that she collapsed to the floor completely lifeless after Moreau tried to control her mind.

This is more on the mark.

In S1 province 17 we travel through the Pass of Umbar which, presumably, is where Mount Umbar is. In S4 province 19 we travel to Umbar’s deep which I assume is somewhere beneath Mount Umbar. (This, btw, implies to me that all of S4 takes place underneath S1.)

So it to S4 that we go for a sequel.

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I know. But come on, this is a fantasy world where we have heroes that resurrect, if someone wants to they can come up with ways to bring Elizabeth back to life lol