Retire and Replace Gem Quests With Atlantis Quest

By this point, the vanilla gem quest is quite repetitive, and it’s also quite obvious that there will be no more digging deeper into the ruins that our vanilla Heroes find on their land for Gems.

But I’m going to throw this suggestion out nevertheless; our Heroes dig deeper into the ancient ruins and they find a passage that goes underwater inside one of the ancient ruins, and there they find ruins that look like in ancient colony of Atlantis.

Apparently Atlantis tried to colonize the area once through underwater passages.

The rewards for completing these newer quests will be the same gems as before but along with a couple of Atlantis coins thrown in as well.

Basically, the hypothetical replacement of this Quest would give us Gems just as before, but also Atlantis coins.

Bump, because I am now totally out of season 2 coins and because the last five I had which I earned from completing the season 2 campaign on hard difficulty got wasted giving me Heroes I already have and none of whom were above three stars.

I like it! Yep I sure do!

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Maybe Mnesseus calls on the player for help because a rogue and evil mermaid named Gill-Ra who is trying to spread her poison and desecrate some sacred tombs that are located in this undersea cavern.

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Well, there go 6 wasted Atlantis summons.

Five or from completing the season 2 campaign on hard difficulty, and just one was from a ton of grinding.

The frustration with grinding is one reason why I say that this new Quest is a necessity.

I just use Atlantis for farming don’t even think about pulling or gathering coibs if i get them i do a pull but i accept that it will just be a feeder

Once you’ve finished hard its even more if a grind to find coins

Yeah, exactly.
I have already gotten all the coins I could get from the story.

And now I can only grind whenever that 2-day period shows up.

And even that is frustrating like difficult to find those seahorses.

And the cherry on the top is the fact that the obsolete classic Heroes still keep hogging up half of my summons.