Resurrection hero’s limited to one resurrection

I would like to suggest that ALL resurrection hero be limited to only bringing back ONE hero at a time. Having killed off 3-4 hero’s only to have them ALL resurrected is like having to play the entire match again …it is rather disheartening and frustrating.

I have been playing this game a long time and love it (I’m level 95) but the strength of many of the newer hero’s and the combinations that can be achieved is making them now almost unbeatable which is very discouraging. I am finding many battles now going into overtime and often running out of time due to resurrection hero’s. And yes I have some too so it’s not about being peeved because I don’t have any.

So please ….I would like to ask that the developers bring back at least a monocom of fairness to the game …I don’t want to see people leaving the game simply because they frustrated at not having a fair chance and I think in the long run it would make the game better when people think they can win occasionally against strong hero’s.

Would you also favor one dodge, one resist, etc as well?


I don’t think limiting dodge etc would make a lot of difference ……once those hero’s die they are dead …but to keep bringing hero back time after time and having to rekill them time after time is the issue at hand.

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no, I think it’s part of the game. I would prefer the AI not aiming for my healers with all those fiends flying around :slight_smile:

I try to target resurrectors as soon as possible.

But I do agree, one is enough, not an entire team.

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I always Kill that resuscitation hero first :roll_eyes::wink:


I also come from the school ‘Shoot the Medic’ first. Especially if that medic has also degree in Necromancy. Honestly, C-Kadilen is much more troublesome than revivers as she is fast and quite frequently 4 out of five enemy heroes dodge your special, even dispel. Yet limiting her to one dodgy hero per use would be serious nerf and there are ways around that as well as around revivers. So no, it is really not needed.

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Nerf our dear Mother of North?!! No thanks, we already have enough nerfs, same with Heindall, Alby… they’re slow mana for one reason, we have many ways to deal with this heroes when we face then, the first and more simple way is to kill them first…


Unless they have a resurrection buff, most heroes that revive tend to have a 33% chance of doing so outside of Mother North, who has a literal 50/50 chance for each ally. The heroes that somewhat irritate me more are the fighters. They might revive only 1 HP, but I’ve experienced one raid where one kept coming back every time I hit them. Like 5 times before they finally stayed down.

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I went on an entire tirade over resurrectors before. The ultimate troll skill that shouldn’t exist ever. But yet it exists…
And yes, ironically I used Heimdall on my team. Only because of his overheal and attack up
Bah do whatever they want, I don’t care anymore

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Where would be the fun in that? It would just extend game play for no purpose. I just target the revivers with extreme prejudice. I learned that a while ago and I’m only lvl 53. :slightly_smiling_face:

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While resurrectors can be annoying, if your team has a decent Hit all hero ready to fire, odds are the hit from that will kill anyone that got resurrected. What I’d change is the fact that a resurrrected hero comes back with whatever mana they had… if you die, you should lose your previous mana…

I think they should refund all our money spent on this game.

I hope you aren’t serious? That would be like trying to return a lottery ticket because you didn’t win big?

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Hell yes I am serious. Show me the money

This is set out in the TOS, I personally have my own dispute (that I’m not pursuing) but all transactions and decisions are final. They don’t accept apologies for harsh language for example. Yes, Petri can be a ■■■■. My guess is that’s what they pay him for.

SG provided no guarantee you would be be happy. Read the TOS in entirety ~20 times; they can do what they like. They prefer honey to vinegar. In my case I breached the TOS and lost an account. My bad.

Your mistake starts with the premise that resurrections are GUARANTEED, when it’s really a small %percentage% of success.

Furthermore, a resurrection hero hardly has time on the field to activate more than once, as he usually dies.

So the proposed limitation would make these heroes completely useless.
For this reason I am forced to disagree.

My guess is you were not replying to me (although that’s what the notification said). It’s a game mechanic. I’ve had MN revive my opposition 3 times and I still won and Alberich and Heimdal are ■■■■■■■■. Just deal with it.

basically you’re asking for those heroes to be nerfed. great! you just gave SG a new idea to nerf those heroes and release even more powerful heroes. congratulations you knobhead.

Pttti. Enough crippling of heros! I earned every one of these heroes and am very tired of them being constantly downgraded to force me into spending more $ to gamble on the wheel to get the newest batch of near impossible to defeat new ones!

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