Resurrection Glitch?

Has anyone else noticed a funky little glitch during raid? You’re being killed down to one hero, when suddenly you have three heroes again.

I couldn’t duplicate it when I tried again, but i’ve seen it before. These were the two teams:

I was down to Rigard. Suddenly I had Rigard, Dom and Wu again. :thinking: (That’s right, my team doesn’t have Alby…)

Are you complaining? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: (jk)

I wish I had this glitch…never seen it.

I haven’t seen that one before. Wonder if you had some lag in your game

This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen it. The first two times I thought I was seeing things.

I listed all the heroes on both sides in case it’s a combination of heroes causing it (like a bank shot off of Alby or something; I hit him a lot…)

Maybe it’s a moderator advantage? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I don’t think so; I still lost. :rofl:

(Moderator exists here on the Forum, not in-game!)

The heroes revived were between the Perfect Parry of Cyprian, maybe some glitch absorving the odds of resurrect from an Alby Special?

Perhaps Alby (who just used his special) shot at Cyprian who then perfectly riposted? Naaaaaaah… There’s a mechanism missing methinks:

  • Boldtusk, Alby, Perseus, Melendor, Colen

I fired a lot at Alby, and Perseus fired a lot at me…

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