Resurection Balance

Several people in my alliance grumble about the frequency of Mother North to bring an entire team back to life. This seems to happen way to frequently. Is there a way to limit this or increase the rewards for the player that takes out 4 heroes but then looses after a mass resurrection?

There’s an S4 hero coming this month that will block the ressurection for couple turns.

Just what you and your alliance are looking for.

Only need some $$$$$$$$ :speak_no_evil:


That’s interesting, does that include fighter revives?


20 yeses


I’d rather see a resurrected hero lose mana… to me, having a hero that you killed while it was charged up be brought back and immediately use it’s special skill - that is the most annoying part of revivers.


Especially if that special skill heals the previously dead team member to close to max health…


If a hero loses mana upon resurrection, it defeats the purpose of a resurrection.


One of the very first things you learn from good, experienced players is that a resurrector is the first to kill.

Sometimes it’s difficult or impossible, but this is the thrill of it.

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As someone who hates resurrection because it’s a hack skill and I don’t consider it as a legit skill, I think resurrection is just fine. You can’t really balance resurrection, it’s very unstable as a skill but it’s just there. That’s E&P life for you, sadly.

Yea. And other super frustrating talent you just have to deal with is, of course, dodge. I have had numerous fights where I wasted multiple specials because the enemy dodged them all… and I lost the fights in the end.

Disagree. In the descriptions of the revivers I’m aware of, none of them state “revive hero with X % Health and 100% of their previous Mana” - they are only revived with Health. Perhaps the Mana should be revived at the same percent as health. The purpose of revival/resurrection is to bring the hero back with health… Mana is never mentioned.

You’re looking at this to balance ressers on defence, but this is quite unfair and pointless on an offence side. Imagine your dead hero has full mana, and he gets resurrected. Then he just gets x amount of mana, he’ll still be almost dead with no skills to fall back on. If your own revived hero does not fire a skill within 1-2 turns after revive, he is pretty much a meat shield at that point.

Create and sell a problem and then sell the solution to it after everyone’s spent their money on the problem. The greedy $G motto.

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