Results from my 30x Atlantis pull. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

I saved up my gems for months. This should not happen on a 30x pull ever, you’ve got to give some guarantees. To leave the game completely up to RNG is just insane and frankly, rude.

Now I know why my guild leader quit and two others this past month because their fun turned to hate, especially towards the unfair raid mechanics. This game is just maddening and quite frankly depressing. This sapped all the life out of me, I’m done. Thanks SG.



Did you at least get anything good from the bonus chest rolls? :x:

The YouTube summons videos worth watching - most are car crash quality, some are obscenely lucky

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Yes, this is perfectly normal.

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Thank you for making it into a GIF! please tell me how you did it.

That does look really frustrating to not even get 1 5*. I have never gotten a 5* in a 10X though, so I’m not really surprised by this, but I am sympathetic.

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I’ve never done a 30x pull at one time, but based on my personal pulls over the long term, your results seem pretty typical to me - actually better than my average. My pulls are almost always 3*, regardless of whether it’s Atlantis, elemental, seasonal, etc. I get excited when I get a 4*.

I did do a 10x Atlantis pull when I first joined. 8 of them were 3*, the other two were 4* (Agwe and Kelile). I remember that because I still have them, they were my first and only 4* for at least a month or two before I got another. Took me 5 months after that before I finally got a 5*.

What you call “bad luck”, I call “par for the course” when it comes to RNG.

You know what the odds were before summoning. If you know it was ■■■■, and if you know you don’t get any guaranteed 5* hero… Then why summon? This complain would make some sense if you never summoned before. Now you’re just upset cause RNG wasn’t on your side.

Yeah, that’s quite a cruel RNG.

People saying that on F2P you have less expectation, you get less hurt.
They lie.

When you save up the equivalent of 3 or even 6 months waiting for a single good hero, and the outcome is this, you simply want to go on a roof and throw your phone as far as possible.

Stay strong pal.


Try looking at it this way, from the begginers point of view, this would be a great summon. You got gormek, L.J., boril, sabina… these are all great 4* heros, and its a decent result, but your expectation have change, all these heroes are of no use to you, you want to get that special 5* hero, but the chance for that is less than 0.5%. My x30 gave me 29 3*, and chao. Its painfull, but you always know the odds


Ungh… sorry man. That does stink.

I’m not sure if it was just a really bad Atlantis for a lot of us, or if more players are just willing to admit they face-planted on this one.

Hope you have better luck in the future if you choose to keep playing, or enjoy whatever else it is you choose to do instead.


As a newcomer, what I like about this game is that it actually bothers to give you the probabilities, unlike some games that pretend to have a roulette with equal odds with the reality actually being different.

That being said the summoning can be sometimes depressing. However for now I think getting 4-stars is sometimes better, because the difference between grinding 4-star and 5-star is appalling, especially with that 4-star ascension junk that drops from rare wanted chests spawning once in a blue moon (and here I though Hellgate Flames in Final Fantasy XII were bad). But as I said, I am in early stages of the game, so YMMV on that one.


Look on the positive side. You did get some nice epic heroes. The odds could have been much worse.

I have on 2 occasions done three 30 pulls in an Atlantis portal and got expensive feeders and one mercy HOTM duplicate. Not getting a 5 is normal. Just sucks to waste resources on it.


The likes of Hel, Kage, Tarlak, Albi and Pseidon is very tempting.
Initially, I was planning to do 30x pulls with gems but a result with 500 tokens return Karil, Gato, Karil, Triton and Karil again put me down.
did another summon with gems to complete the 10 pulls for bonus AM and feeder Bane pop up!

As simple as this.

I’m a f2p player and use over 5000 gems and 3 Atlantis coins to get crap.

I’m working in 4 tc20 until I get someone I need

So you want the game to end up being 100% Pay to win?
Many Paying players buy 10x and 30x pulls relatively frequently. Do you want to give them the unfair advantage over everyone else by “guaranteeing” legendaries every single time they buy a mutiple pull?

Not the OP but there’s a lot of apps that let you record your screen and then save it to your photo gallery as a video. I personally like “Record it!”

After you’re done with that, you can use a website like to trim it and convert it to .GIF format.

If done correctly you can get something like this as a result:
via Imgflip GIF Maker


Honestly that’s not even that bad. Lots of 4 stars. Not getting a 5* with a 30 pull is really common… That or I have the worst luck ever because that’s most of the time for me (or at least it seems that way).

I’m sure @Garanwyn could tell you the odds of this happening.

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There’s about a 32% chance of not getting a 5* in an Atlantis 30-pull. So, about the chance of rolling a 1 or 2 on a 6-sided die. It’s a little unlucky, but not super unlucky.

To put it in perspective, if 1 million people do a 30-pull, we’d expect 320,000 to get no 5*. There are a LOT of disappointed 30-pull-users, I suspect.

In a 60-pull, the chances go to 90%
In a 90-pull, the chances go to 97%


I know exactly how you feel. My last 50 pulls got me nothing. 10 pulls with atlantis coins and 40 with gems :frowning:

Zero bonus rolls. It’s seriously a shame SG would think it’s ok to subject their players and fans to this sort of treatment. Absolutely no care for quality of life, I feel like they’re a bunch of scumbags because they know they’re doing this.

Why not make it easy for people to get 5* heroes, ease up on the leveling grind, and just make the end-game content a lot more richer? I used to think people were just being dramatic when they said they HATE small giant for stuff like this, but I get it now.

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