Result of the titan hunt

I am always surprised by such generosity.
If I gave it back, I’d give it back.
Sempre fico surpreendido com tanta generosidade.
Se desse para devolver devolvia.

What kind of answers are you expecting?

And there are plenty of topics like this, why open another one ?

I do not want any answers.
sorry for my ignorance

So, is this one of those, “I’m pissed with the game” ?

more or less this … again sorry for the post.
I’ll try to erase it because I realize little of it.

Well, it would have been nicer for all the forum regulars if you had just replied to an existing thread that is asking for better titan loot. True.

Still, you were disappointed with the loot of these two titans. And this forum is a place where you can express that. And if you feel the disappointment is important and strong enough to warrant the attention of it’s own topic, then that is your prerogative.

As it’s a moderator’s prerogative to think differently and stick this thread to an existing one about titan loot.

As it’s anyone’s prerogative to skip the thread based on the title alone, or find it not needed to post a reply, meaning the thread will drop off the first page into forgetfulness soon enough.

Perhaps that’s the better fate for this one? At least you got it off your chest right? That serves a purpose.

Imagine the forum if everyone did that… There are about 1 million players actively in the game, and everyone one them have received one loot like this…

This is a place where you discuss things and I asked him what he wanted to discuss… He just wanted to express is frustration for the game…

I understand that the game can be cruel sometimes but you cannot expect making a forum post when a player have a bad loot…

Im not a moderator and I truly know what’s the frustration he is feeling right now but you have to control those things or this would be a place where nobody wanted to come…

If you did a search for “Bad A+ loot”, you might have found this:

Resume of how Titan loot works – Tiers, Scores, theories

That entire thread is full of discussion hitbTitan Loot works and might be worth a look. :slight_smile:

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